Wednesday, October 28, 2009

To The Herbs

The weather today is nice again. I can't believe that freezing cold weather on the weekend! I wore a fleece jacket automatically!

On Sunday, we've been to To The Herbs to get some herb tea! It warmed us up and made us feel relaxed :) I had 4 deadlines due Monday, so my hands and brain were busy, though.

Like jose says, dining out is a good idea for couples being together for a long time. While dining, we can share our thoughts and ideas. In this way, we understand each other more. We kept on doing this for 6 years, so maybe this is why we are still together after anything. Mostly, I talked, so he knows me a lot. Ha-ha!


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  1. Herbs tea sound healthy!!

    I think I should have some herbs tea too since Singapore sometimes hot sometimes cool.Lots of peoples get sick because of this weather.

    We had this kind of herbs's shop too in Malaysia.Normally herbs tea taste bitter..and I hate the bitterness.Haha

  2. Hi jose,

    Please take care!!! I know changeable weather makes us tired. Now it's the same here. We have warmer weather today than last weekend!!! Now the new influenza virus is going around X(

    Bitter, really?!
    What we had weren't that bitter. They were floral. You can try floral herb tea :D


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