Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yakiniku @ Gyu-Kaku

Do you know Yakiniku?
It means "grilled meat" and it commonly refers to a Japanese style of cooking bite-sized meat (usually beef and offal) and vegetables on gridirons or griddles over flame of wood charcoals carbonized by dry distillation (sumibi, 炭火) or gas/electric grill.

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I've been to Gyu-Kaku, where offers cheap and tasty beef! It has been more than 3 years since we last went there! Actually, I don't eat offal, so I had beef galbi and beef skirt. Wrapping it with Sanchu leaf, rice, miso, and mayonnaise was really delicious! It's their original way of eating yakiniku :)

We dine out twice a week, which might be too much, but there are many restaurants we want to go! I think jose understands me. He-he!

Nice weather outside! I haven't been to the GYM for 4 straight days, so I should go tonight! See you again :)

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  1. I have never had opportunity to try yakiniku .... except for korean bbq. But I have seen it much in japanese anime....like Naruto. Makes me hungry!


  2. Hey Ochi,

    I remember my mom talking about all the grilled food there in Japan! She absoultely loved charcoal grilled meat and often ate it with rice!

    You know you must have many restaurants there, here we had mostly fast food. I don't like to eat much fast food, not good for you and I don't need the extra pounds.

    Not many restaurants make food nutritiously, so I cook a lot at home to make sure we eat the right food! Plus we like our meat very well done, with all the food e coli stuff!

    I do have to get to a new Japanese steakhouse in my area, everyone says it's great, and portions are huge!

  3. Hi Jenn,

    I hope you can try it once. It is bit different from Korean BBQ ;)

  4. Hi jo,

    Yes! You are right! We eat meat with rice :)
    I love charcoal grilled meat, too!!!

    I think it is safe to eat at home. We don't know who and how they cook. To make sure the safety, some restaurants have open kitchen and chefs cook for you in front of you!

    Here in Japan, usually portions are small. Good they serve in that way ;)

  5. Hello ochisan!

    How are you?

    Wow Yakiniku!super delicious....i can't wait to go there again.

  6. Hi merce-san,

    Have you ever been to Gyu-Kaku?! I think they are pretty good at that price ;)


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