Monday, October 26, 2009


Very once in a while, my boyfriend and I have a big fight and on Friday night it happened... I threw the first punch because I knew he's quick with his fists, but that was my big mistake. He returned me double... Fuck!!! He is sometimes crazy. I know I am naggy but I always say he shouldn't behave violently. (Reason I punched him is because there was a text message from a girl who called him by his first name! I hate him receive that kind of text in front of me, even if she is a friend. I don't feel good, you know?! The girl should understand the situation, too. She shouldn't depend on him, keep in touch, or say she wants to see him!)

Anyway, I am okay now. I just got angry because it was after that thing. We went to DEAN & DELUCA for lunch the next day. Their new panini (tomato, basil, and mozzarella cheese) was simple and great! I loved it!!! Also, we shared the crab sandwich and jambalaya which we had before. Yummy! Simple but made us happy :) I took off my braces on that morning which I think made me eat things more happily!

BTW, on Friday night, we've been to a nice restaurant. I will post about it soon, but no one knows what makes us fight!

Watch out!!!

It is sometimes good to write my complaint on my post to get rid of stress! I will try not to do so, though.

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  1. really like your recipes b/c they're delicious and easy to follow. good work!

    sad to hear about you and your boyfriend and sadder to hear he may hit you. boys should never use violence against girls... hope you stay safe and smart.

  2. hi tma! i just realized this post was saved as a draft... i don't know why but the new blogger template let me realize it ;D hehe

    thanks for liking my recipes.

    i think no violence, too but do you think we girls are too naggy about anything?! he always says i am noisy X(


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