Friday, October 23, 2009

Pepsi Azuki

This is something really weird!!! Again, Suntory (Pepsi's distributor in Japan) released a crazy seasonal Pepsi drink: Pepsi Azuki! It's a Pepsi with sweet and mild azuki bean flavor. Can you imagine the taste?! Ew! But it didn't taste like I imagined. It was simply funny soda with funny flavor. Something like cheap sweets! Of course I couldn't finish a bottle, so I shared it with my co-workers.

BTW other seasonal Pepsi flavors I tried are Pepsi Blue Hawaii and Pepsi Shiso.

Have a good weekend :)

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  1. Hi Ochi,
    This Pepsi does sound weird, but I am like you, will be willing to try it!
    What is the weather like now in Japan? Are you doing some fun stuff and some interesting fashion shopping?


  2. Hi Nazarina,
    You have a curiosity about any kind of food, which is good :)
    The weather here is very cold and raining today. I turned on the heater this morning!!!
    Yes, I'm enjoying shopping, too. But trying not to buy too many stuff. Ha-ha!

  3. Hi Ochi,

    I don't think I would like this type of Pepsi! But did you like the Blue Hawaii or Pepsi Shiso! Sometimes the flavors make product taste generic!

  4. Hi jo,

    Absolutely generic!!! Blue Hawaii and Pepsi Shiso were further better than this!

    It should be on sale at few cents in a while. Ha-ha!


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