Friday, October 2, 2009

My Accomplishments

Time flies again. It is already October. Not that many but I will list my accomplishments last month.

On 9/4, my "Cold Egg Soup Rice With Okura and Nameko" won a prize at the Yodoran (iodine-enriched egg) recipe competition by Nosan Corporation. They asked for cold recipes using their egg.

On 9/7, my "Chinese Style Pork And Shimeji Steamed Rice" was introduced as a sample recipe using Lee Kum Kee's oyster sauce at the recipe contest held by Cookpad.

On 9/10, my "Pork and Eggplant Bowl" ranked in the 5th place at Lettuceclub recipe site.

On 9/15, my "Pineapple and Shrimp Cocktail Rolls" won the outstanding performance award at the pineapple recipe contest. The contest is held every summer. I wish I could win the highest award which prize is a trip to Okinawa!

On 9/25, my "Blended Herb Sour Tomatoes" won the special prize at the herb salt contest.

I don't know which of my recipes won the prize but I received the fighting-spirit award at sweets recipe contest and received the double chance award at soy beans contest.

Then last but not least, I won some sample products as usual: 2 bottles of Blendy coffee, makeup essence base, and Reed's parchment paper.

This morning, my boyfriend game me Ichiro T-Shirt! Cool! The letters are glittering!!! I will wear it at GYM. He-he ;)

We expect rain this week. Too bad... I hope I can take a video of my hula this weekend. Yesterday new hula term has started. This time Christmas version: "Melehula Kalikimaka"! I can't wait to complete it ;)


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  1. Congrads Ochi,

    You're moving right along with all your accomplishments! I especially like the pork and eggplant one! Haven't had eggplant in a long time, I think we planted but didn't come up!

    What does Ichiro stand for is it football?

  2. I would like to try making the cold egg soup rice with nameko and okura. In the recipe I don't understand what is listed after the water. What kind of soup do you add? Sorry for the trouble. My Japanese is not very good.

    Congratulations on your accomplishments. I am impressed with your creativity.

  3. Hello jo,


    I hope I am making a progress, since my brain is filled with worries. Ha-ha!!!

    I think you like pork and eggplant one. It is salty sweet and goes great with white rice ;)

    Ichiro is a Major League Baseball outfielder for the Seattle Mariners. I think you know him!

  4. Hi Cholena,

    I am sorry for this late reply X(
    I hope you come back again.
    It's 2 tsp of chicken stock powder.
    You can substitute 200cc of water with chicken stock!

    Thanks for congrats! You encouraged me a lot ;)

  5. Thanks, I will try making it.

  6. Hi Cholena!!!
    I'm glad you came back :D


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