Monday, November 9, 2009

Loco Blue

Today, the weather was warm and super nice! I think it was hot rather than warm!!! The high temp was 73F (23C)! After the physical checkup, I hastened to the gym to attend the daytime hula class! I was just in time! Lucky me ;)

Writing about Friday evening, I went to the Hawaiian stores in Ebisu. As I heard from my classmates, there were a lot of flower lais! Unfortunately, pa'u skirts were pretty expensive, so I decided to get the pink one (the very left one) online! I can't wait to receive it! I'm gonna go back to the stores with the skirt this weekend or so to get a lei to match it!

For dinner, I reserved a cozy Hawaiian restaurant called "Loco Blue". Their cocktails were unique with Hawaiian aroma. They use drops of Hawaiian liqueur for standard cocktails such as gin and tonic! Foods there were delicious, too! I loved their tuna tempura (left bottom image). I would say this restaurant can be our choice for the wedding after party!

We dine out twice a week and now my bf told me that it is too much! Booooooo!!! But I half expected that lately, so I'm gonna be a good girl!

Today, I finally went to the ward office to get a marriage paper. I fight a lot with my boyfriend but I chose him because I need him in my life, and so does he. I am feeling happy day by day :D

Gotta go now. See you later!

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  1. wow! congratulations on your decision to get married! that is great news. and also deciding to have the after-party at a hawaiian restaurant seems to be a great match for you!! omedetou!! such a happy day :)

  2. Congratulations!!!!
    I'm soooo happy to hear the new☆

  3. Congratulations,Ochi!!

    So,when is your registration date??Must let me know..I was happy for you.

    Your boyfriend did love you so much.You're a lucky girl.

  4. Hi fran,

    I am doing fine now :D
    You know what!? I didn't get the headband but I wore mine like her! I loved the way she wore.

  5. kazue-chan,

    I want to thank you for your advice!!!

  6. Hi jose,

    Thanks!!! We are going to register on 11/22!
    I will write about it later because I don't think you will see my comment here. He-he. Sorry for this late reply!!!

    Yep! I must think I am LUCKY :D


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