Thursday, November 5, 2009

Loco's TABLE MAHANA @ Ginza

Today the high is 66F (19C) not that bad!

On Monday, we've been to Hawaiian restaurant called "Loco's TABLE MAHANA" in Ginza. They organize Hawaiian wedding ceremony, so we went to see the place. The restaurant has an exotic Hawaiian look. It was raining hard and freezing outside on this day, but we totally forgot about the weather, which was cool :D

There was a hula dancing show when we got there! Their cocktails were cute with tropical flowers. Foods were creative and delicious! We tried fried orange mayo shrimp salad, pork and vegetables steamed in banana leaf, and ocean's pizza with crab meat, shrimp, squid, and tomato basil sauce!

We fight a lot but we now need to get some ideas for our wedding little by little. Last Sunday, my boyfriend was taking time reading a wedding magazine! Cool!!! I took his pic because it was a remarkable sight! He-he! I hope he actively does research for it. Yep! I won't be naggy!

Bocca Buona is the restaurant where we had a cup of coffee. The cake we had is a grape tart (in season). It was juicy and yummy!!!

Anyway, recently I found not only follower's gadget but also twitter gadget disconnects the Internet at home! Whenever I open my blog or my buddies' blogs with either or both of them, it disconnects! Sucks! Maybe it means I shouldn't blog all the time...

I have more to write but will stop now.

Hula class tonight, again!

Aloha :)

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  1. Wow, you get to eat so many wonderful things Ochi! I wish I could be there with you sampling it all!

    I see the men there are the same as here, not much in the planning phases for weddings. My husband was really into the band part, and the booze part of course!

    Like the entertainment, and alcoholic berverages were the only things to think about! I'm sure your boyfriend will be good at those points too!

    I have problems getting on Jose's comment page, sometimes it won't even let me get on it to comment! I don't know if it's the distance or what! I'm not on twitter, but I'm on facebook now! :)

  2. Hi jo,

    Yep! I totally agree you! I think my bf loves to go out and drink than plan for wedding!!! Maybe I should ask him to plan the drinking part!!!

    Right after I saw this comment, I registered on facebook :D My friends told me to register but I kept on forgetting. Thanks for reminding me!


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