Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Hello! As I planned, my boyfriend and I cleaned up our rooms! First, I thought I won't be able to organize things, but suddenly I felt uplifted and cleaned up six hours straight! Whew... We couldn't finish all rooms yet but I think we can organize little by little.

To tell the truth, I thought we need a larger house, but before moving, I felt we should throw away unnecessary things to make space! Yesterday, I tried to throw away things that I haven't used for 3 years... It took time to make judgments, though...

How do you clean up your rooms?
Can you easily throw away things???

For dinner, we went to an Izakaya called "Kichinto" nearby. Kichinto means "neatly"! Perfect for us on this day ;) Foods and drinks were great after working hard. Natto, yam, and fish mixture, you wrap and eat with nori (dried laver seaweed) was super delicious (right middle image)! Their okonomiyaki was big enough for us (right bottom image)! Mmm! Satisfying night!

I have a lot more to write.
Hope I can catch up!

It's getting cold day by day. Stay warm!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    Yummy foods!The foods really looked mouth watering and tasty.

    I did my cleaning once per week.I seldom throw my stuffs,I love collecting old stuffs.Haha..Ken always said I should throw the things that must be throw.But I never did that until I had no space for them.

    Weird me..

  2. hi..
    passing by^^

    yummy yummy!^^

    getting colder??

    take care yea^^

  3. That looks delicious. What is that green drink you have?

  4. Yes the green drink looks really good Ochi, as well as all the food. Read back on a recent post Retin A is doctor prescribed. Looks like you don't need it, your skin looks beautiful!

  5. Hi jose,

    Sorry for this late reply! I feel like I've been to this restaurant yesterday! Time flies!!!

    Yes! I'm the same! I can't throw away things until I need a space!

  6. Hi yeeling,

    Thanks for stopping by!
    You, too. Take care!!!

  7. Hi Tornadoes28,

    The green drink I had is brown rice green tea! How shall I say!? It was browned taste! Very savory!!!

  8. Hi Jo,

    Now my skin is getting better after using the mineral foundation, but it was rough when I was using the liquid!!! Hope it won't get worse again. You can't tell by the photo. He-he ;P


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