Friday, November 6, 2009


Hi! The high temp today is 68F (20C)! Relatively warm ;)

Do you drink wine? Red or white?
I love red wine!

Last week, my boyfriend and I tasted a wine called "COPERTINO Riserva" at a department store. It was rich and mild with aroma of berry. Mmmmmmmmm :) The price was 1,000yen ($10), so we bought it without hesitation! It was a good deal!!!

It is already Friday. Time flies! This evening, I have a plan to shop at hula stores in Ebisu station. I found many Hawaiian restaurants there, too! Cool!!! I will get the pink pa'u skirt (the very left one) if I couldn't find anything better today!

I can't wait to finish work!!!

Happy Friday :D

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