Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Accomplishments

Hi! As predicted, it's a rainy day today. But luckily the temp stays high at 70F (21C).

Finally, I will briefly list my accomplishments in October. Somehow, not many, though...

On 10/5, my "Okonomi Chikuwa Fries" won the calcium chickuwa award. I stuffed ingredients for Okonomiyaki (Japanese savoury pancake) in chikuwa (Japanese tube-like food product made from ingredients like minced fish). This chikuwa contains 300mg of calcium per stick!

On 10/5, my Sweet Potatoes won the highest award and my Teriyaki Chicken Meat Loaf won the outstanding performance award at blue agave syrup recipe contest. Blue agave syrup (agave tequilana syrup) is a natural syrup made from agave plant that is an important economic product of Jalisco state in Mexico. It is said to slow the rise in blood sugar. BTW agave means honorable in Greek.

On 10/7, my Banana and Apple Brown Sugar Okara Cake won the highest award at okara powder recipe contest. Okara is bean curd refuse. I combined it with banana and apple to make it healthy with a lot of fiber!

On 10/16, my Healthy 5 Colors Chinese Rice won the gold award at mannanhikari recipe contest. I believe jose loves this product. By cooking the rice with mannanhikari, you can save calories (up to 30%)! Mannnanhikari is a rice shaped konjac food. Amazing, right?! It's sticky texture was perfect for Chinese rice dish!

On 10/18, my Tuna Egg Sandwich Picks, printed on a bento brochure, has arrived!

On 10/26, my Alaskan Cheese Fries Melt won the highest award at KRAFT's cheese recipe contest. The recipe is simple. I fried avocado and cheese wrapped with smoked salmon. It's slightly salted and delicious! Sprinkle them with lemon juice for a refreshing taste!

On 10/31, my China Bread Rolls received a prize at ANDERSEN recipe contest. This year, I just received a prize, but last year, I attended the cook-off final!

I don't know which of my recipes won the prizes, but on 10/5
I received a prize for participation at oillio recipe contest. On 10/17, received an honorable mention at apple art recipe contest. On 10/21, received a prize for participation at beef contest.

Last month, I didn't apply a lot for samples, so I just received curry nabe broth, assorted fruits, and cleansing cream.

Hope I have a better luck in November.

Make the best!!!

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