Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lipton - Tea Sparkling - Mixed Berry

Busy busy days!!!

Yesterday, my co-worker let me sample Lipton's new mixed berry flavored sparkling tea! I think the berry flavor (black currant, blueberry, and strawberry flavor) was stronger than the tea flavor, but it was refreshing and acceptable.

This afternoon, I am going to visit an exhibition: Digital Marketing Next 2009! I haven't written this before but I work at an IT company running two sites selling products.

Then after that, I have hula class. A week passed again! How fast time flies!!!

I gotta go now! See you tomorrow :D

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  1. product!!

    I love Lipton tea..but I never try sparkling tea before.And I don't think I can get one here either..

    New products always avaiable in other countries first before Singapore.

  2. I love teas Ochi, but not sure if I'd like a sparkling one! I tried a peach tea once was really good!

  3. Hi jose,

    This product is limited in Japan.
    But I see many cool import goods in Singapore (on your blog)! I envy you guys!!!

  4. Konnichiwa Jo,

    Peach tea sounds nice! I used to drink snapple :P


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