Friday, November 13, 2009

Only Minerals

Hi! It's raining and cold again.

Have you ever tried mineral foundation?!
Recently, I switched my foundation from liquid to powder since I realized that my acne gets worse by using the liquid one. Taking this opportunity, I decided to get the mineral one! Liquid covers well, though.

Only Minerals foundation is high quality, 100% mineral-based foundation produced by a Japanese company called YA-MAN. I don't do it, but you can sleep with it! I've used it for 2 weeks and seems like my acne is recovering. The foundation covers well, so I think I'm gonna use it for a while. Anyway, I am so fool that I have used the liquid for 6 months to ruin my skin X(

BTW, yesterday, Digital Marketing Next 2009 was not that interesting. Most exhibitors were poor at explaining their products. But I enjoyed the seminars. Cookpad's (recipe site's) WOM seiminar was quite interesting since I use the site every day ;)

Okey-dokey! I gotta go now.

See you on Monday!!!

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