Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pink Christmas Tree

Time flies. Christmas is right around the corner!!! Streets in Tokyo are decorated with Christmas trees and lighting. People are looking for Christmas presents already.

Last Saturday, I found a cute pink Christmas tree in front of the department store (Printemps) in Ginza. I took a pic of it and using it for my iPhone background. You know I love pink color ;)

It is cold and raining today. But now is the best season to feel the warmth of your partner. He-he ;)

Hula again tonight.


P.S. Finally! I hope I replied to all comments. Thanks :D

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  1. Pink is the Christmas color of choice it seems.

  2. Hi Joshua,

    Really!? I didn't know that! Nice ;)

  3. The pink christmas tree is lovely =)


  4. Thanks Reiz,

    Wow! I love your Japanese food posts :D Yummy!!!

  5. hi Ochi,

    How nice is that tree!!

    I still haven't seen any Christmas tree yet..maybe because I did not go out anywhere..

  6. Here in Los Angeles, I started seeing Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween. It seems they put them out earlier and earlier every year.

  7. Hi jose,

    Is Singapore warm in winter?! Christmas lightings with night view in Singapore should be nice!!!

    Please post pics if you get some nice shots ;D

  8. Ohayo Tornadoes28,

    Before Halloween!?!? That's going too ahead of the event! But in the world of food business, they are already making plans for Valentines day! Can you believe it!? Some people I know are making plans for the next Christmas!!! What a life!!!


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