Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yummy Chinese Restaurant: Benitoragyozabou

The weather today is chilly but nice with blue sky!

Last Saturday, before the movies, my boyfriend and I had a dinner at a Chinese restaurant called "Benitoragyozabou". The restaurant serves foods with the common touch. We didn't order it on this day, but their popular menu is "Teppan Bou(Stick) Gyoza". What we had were Chicken Banbanji (棒棒鳥), Shrimp Spring Rolls (海老春巻), Jumbo Gyoza (大餃子), Shoronpo (小籠包), and Beef And Black Sesame Fried Rice (牛肉黒胡麻炒飯). All dishes were delicious! I would love to go back there again to try out other foods! Jasmine tea bassed alcohol drink called Matsurika (末莉花) was great, too! I loved it's flowery relaxing aroma :D

I am really busy these days, keep forgetting things I should do, even I wrote them on my notebook... Hmm...

BTW, on Monday, since I received 1000th photo report, there were about 60 thousand visitors on my page at Cookpad. Somehow, I received many complaints about the way I post my recipes. Shit!!!

Take it easy!

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