Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hair Accessory Gift

Yesterday, my friend sent me a cute beaded hair accessory with a card as a wedding present. Can you believe it is handmade?! I readily wore it to work this morning! Thank you!!! (Sorry I couldn't adjust the exposure correctly...)

BTW, DECO CHOCO that I reordered arrived! What do you think of the frames?! Cool, right?! ;D I put them into pink bags and gave them to my co-workers.

I am busy today, so I gotta go now. I hope I could list my accomplishments in November this week or so...

The high is 50F (10C). Sunny but chilly. Stay warm!!!

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  1. Very nice Ochi, your friend is talented! Love your photo frames, what a neat idea. Do they come with chocolate too?

    I would love 50 degrees, we're going to be in the 20's the next couple days!

  2. Ochi,

    Love your hair band.Your friend indeed a talented person.I think she can sell all her design.I would love to buy..

  3. Hi jo,

    Yes. It comes with chocolate!!! I hope they offer this service in the US someday. Should be cool!!!

  4. Hi jose,

    I think so, too!!! I don't even do sewing recently...


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