Monday, May 24, 2010


On Saturday, my darling and I had hamburgers at Hamburger Diner GIGGLE! They don't have a Web page but they are pretty famous around here. The diner is decorated with imported products! I liked it there! Their Avocado Hamburger is popular among women ;) My darling ordered Chile Beans Hamburger! They also serve fish and chips and a wide variety of imported beers!

To tell the truth, we rarely eat hamburgers for dinner but a week before, when we had coffee at a different diner, we saw people eating gorgeous hamburgers and that reminded us of GIGGLE! We are thinking of trying out that diner's hamburgers as well this weekend! Can't wait!!!

Anyway, this morning, since I had time, I squeezed a zit which I shouldn't... I know it is better to leave it as is but I just bet it... you know what I mean!!! (Hope you do.) Well... I will try to leave it for a month! I declare it here!!! Oh, by the way, it was on my arm and I had to cure it before the next laser hair removal in June X(

Have a good Monday!

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