Friday, May 21, 2010

My Dream...

"Write down your dream...a dream so BIG you haven't told anyone, not even yourself."
This was a question from Kym.

Good question! I was just thinking of my dream recently...

To be happy can be one but that answer is unclear since it makes me wonder what my happiness is...

Is my dream to become a culinarian? Is my dream to make a cookbook? Is my dream to make a profit? Is my dream to have a baby and lead an ordinary life?

Those can be some of my goals, but not my dreams...
What if I could or couldn't reach those goals?

So... what I thought is my dreams are something indescribable and unreachable. I always want to feel motivated. I don't want to be a clock-watcher.

"To live every moment with all my energy", could be my dream!

Even when things are bad, I always want to do my best in that given situation. This sounds simple, but not. As you get old, you learn things by what you have seen and you can somewhat get dogmatic and stubborn to start new things or improve things.

I think people who always try things at their best are stellar. They have an aura to motivate others, too. Maybe my dream is to become someone like that! I don't want to talk about my past but future, you know...

Is this clear?!

But please don't take it too seriously. This is something what I thought at this moment! He-he!!!

Have a good one :D

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