Thursday, May 20, 2010

Women's Wine Logo

Recently, I found that the wines with this logo meet my taste!

This "Women's Wine" logo (printed only in Japan) shows that the wine is made by women who produce wine with women's sensitivities. From north in Piemonte to south in Sicilian, there are 10 women winemakers who enjoy and live with wines. Do you know any of them?!

- Alessandra Boscaini: Masi
- Emanuela Stucchi Prinetti: Badia a Coltibuono
- Francesca Planeta: Planeta
- Francesca Colombini: Barbi
- Beatrice Contini Bonacossi: Capezzana
- Elda Felluga: Felluga
- Chiara Lungarotti: Lungarotti
- Maria Chiara Clerici: Valfieri
- Chiara Soldati: La Scolca

BTW, this cute logo is designed by Italian designer. It's design is based on the word "女" (woman) in Japanese Kanji.

It is raining today. My sore throat is not getting better... It heals after the GYM, though. Maybe I feel better when my adrenaline level rises! Ha-ha!

Hope hula heals me tonight :D

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