Tuesday, May 18, 2010

UCC Ueshima Coffee Shop

I never mentioned about this, but almost every weekend, my darling and I go to 上島珈琲店 (Ueshima Coffee Shop) to have some coffee :D

UCC Ueshima Coffee (UCC上島珈琲株) is a manufacturer of coffee and tea products in Kobe, Hyogo. "UCC" stands for "Ueshima Coffee Company". They have expanded their coffee shops in recent years and one in Seijyo (near our home) has opened in 2008. Their theme is urban oasis. Isolated from crowds and noises of the city, they provide a space for relaxation with coffee.

They serve "nel drip coffee" which uses cloth filter (flannel) instead of paper filter. It takes time to drip coffee, thus makes rich and tasty coffee with supple texture. I really love their coffee. Unlike other coffee shops, their coffee is served always the same (not bitter) which is pretty comfortable! They also serve foods, too! I love their lunch menu, which comes with salad, sandwich, and a cup of coffee of course!

Do you have a favorite coffee shop?

I just can't wait the weekend to start!

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