Monday, May 17, 2010

Ramen @ Koumibou

On Saturday, my darling and I've been to the newly opened 広味坊 (Koumibou) near our home (in Seijyo). This branch only serves ramen or a prix-fixe menu. (The other branch in Soshigaya serves a la carte menu.)

Ramen is a Japanese noodle dish that originated in China. I don't eat ramen that often because I can't eat that fast before the noodles get soft, but I tried the cold one without broth. My darling had a ramen with shrimp dumplings. They cook ramen as seen in the movie below! My darling shoot this video and edited it with a mood of nostalgia. Cool, right?! ;)

Busy Monday! I can't wait for the weekend to begin!!!

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  1. i love and enjoy eating ramen! yum!

  2. Hi healthy kitchen,

    Oh, do you?! There are many ramens in Hokkaido! You would love there ;)

    I loved your healthy tips :D

  3. Ochi,

    How your hubby can took those video?Is it the kitchen open to the customer to view??

    I love ramen too,but I never try cool ramen.But I love cool soba..

    You eat soba?

  4. Hi jose,

    It is not in the kitchen. The chef cooked the ramen on the wagon table (like Peking duck, you know!), so my darling shoot it from his seat :)

    Yes! I love soba!!! I think I eat soba once in 2 weeks!!!


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