Monday, August 23, 2010

Looking for Childhood Photos

This weekend, my darling and I both went back to our own family home to find childhood photos of ourselves. My darling went all the way back to his hometown (in Hikone) to find his.

As you might know, we need to create a childhood photo montage video presentation which will be shown at our wedding reception. In Japan, photo montage presentation is the highlight of entertainment for the guests. Combined with our favorite music, from childhood photos to dating and engagement photos, it is a special reflection on our past to tell the story of us, who eventually meet and fall in love.

Well, there were hundreds of albums at my family home so I couldn't select ones I want to use in a snap... I think I'll go back again since my family home is just a few-minute walk from where I live.

Yeah, our doggy was doing fine. I saw Tamagawa Fireworks from home which we saw up close last year.

How was your weekend?!

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  1. awww how exciting to go back and look through memories! have fun creating your photo montage. p.s - our next exchange student is from Japan! Maybe you can teach me some japanese phrases! hehe

  2. Hi Kym!

    Really?! Sounds exciting!!!
    You can ask me anything if I can be your help ;D

  3. How interesting I never knew that childhood montage was a tradition in wedding receptions there in Japan! We usually do this at funerals here!! This is a very nice tradition!!

  4. Hi jo,

    Really?! I didn't know that!!!

    We also make credits (like a movie) and run it at the end of the reception. Isn't that funny!? I knew it is getting popular recently!!!


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