Thursday, August 12, 2010

Inevitable Accident

Last Saturday, while my darling and I was at the bridal salon, we heard a thunderous sound outside. We were just about to leave the salon, so we felt a regret that it was raining outside...

But later, we found that the sound was caused by a huge car accident!!!

The old man (aged 74) hit 2 people and crashed his van into a liquor shop on the 1st floor of a multiple-tenant building... According to the metropolitan police department, 26-year man broke his head and wounded seriously. 33-year woman was slightly injured. People who saw the accident said that the man was caught between the car and the building, the lady was lying close, and was very scary. The old man said he steered in the wrong direction...

If my darling and I were walking there few minutes earlier... We can't do much about the luck. I hope nothing bad happens. Peace!!!

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