Friday, August 13, 2010

How Do You Organize Your Reward and Club Cards

I know I don't have to carry all my reward and club cards but what if the need arises?! Therefore I carry around those cards just in case...

I used to keep them in my wallet but my wallet finally overstuffed. So, later, I moved all those cards into an envelope. But as you know, an envelope is made of paper so it kept on breaking once in a while...

Then I came up with this idea!!! I bought a pencil case and put all those cards, and even coupons in it! I know there is a card case with dividers, but those are pretty bulky. Anyway, there are many cute pencil cases around, so you'll enjoy carrying it with you ;)

Now I can close my wallet without hassle!!!

Yeah, I love those cards with punch holes. I attach them to my key chain without question!

How Do You Organize Your Reward and Club Cards?

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