Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wedding Invitations

Today (8/4/2010), we are sending out our wedding invitations because it is "大安 (taian)", the luckiest day of the week in Japanese calendar :D

My darling did a great job putting stamps and stickers on the cards!!!

Our wedding reception is going to be small in scale, but full of our ideas! We decided to invite only selected people who we have special feelings.

I hope all can enjoy :)

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  1. Feeling excited?
    once in a life time,please enjoy the moment.
    something wrong?just ignore...everything is normal.

    Have fun!and congratulations!!!

  2. Hello merce-san,

    Actually nervous... but hope I can enjoy my party, too! Ha-ha!!!

    Thank you!!!
    You are already invited in my heart! He-he!!!

  3. Ur welcome!and thank you also...
    i will pray for your happiness.
    and you deserve to be happy:)create to be happy!

  4. Thank you, merce-san!!!
    Your words always support me!!!

  5. Wow..your hubby is a great man!! Normally men seldom help in putting those stickers.

    Congrats,Ochi.I'm glad to hear this good news from you.

  6. awwww how exciting! you should've taken pictures of the invitations, i'd love to see! :D it's great that you're having a nice intimate wedding as well.. with only the ppl you car about and care about you :)

  7. Oh wow you're getting really close to your day! Yes it's better have a small wedding, mine was 200 way too big!!

  8. Hi jose,

    Yep. He was great on this day ;)
    I wish I can invite you, too!!!

  9. Hi Kym,

    My thinking exactly!
    I took a pic of my invitations. I can post it later after everyone has received it. He-he ;)

  10. Hi jo,

    200?! That was a huge party but sounds exciting!!!
    I wish I could have attended your's!!!


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