Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DOURTHE b Bordeaux Rouge 2006

I bought this wine at 10 bucks! It was produced by Mercian Corporation: Japanese wine and spirits producer and marketer, as well as pharmaceutical company. Just what I'd expected from Mercian, the wine was mellow and had a fruity aroma.

b Bordeaux means the wine is always well balanced as it is retained to seek the best flavor. The word "b" represents royal road of Bordeau.

However, since its bottle has a screw cap instead of a cork, I hesitated to get it but it was bingo!!! Thanks to my darling, he just asked me to try out :D

I can't believe it's already September. Actually, we changed seats at work X( Kind of uncomfortable till I get used to...

Hope to see you again tomorrow!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    You know what?Last time I love to collect those wine's cork and signed a name on it for collection.But this hobby faded after I knew Ken.

    He's not a wine person.He is a beer and liquor person though.

    Great to know that you found another great wine.


  2. Hi jose,

    I know what you mean!!! Me, too! Speaking of bread or rice, I used to eat bread, but my darling doesn't eat bread at all (sometimes sandwiches), so now we mainly eat rice at home. Also, he doesn't eat sweet stuff, so I think I haven't eaten cakes or ice creams for a looooong time. Good for me, though X(


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