Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jambalaya Original Recipe Contest 2010

Last Friday, on 9/17, the USA Rice Federation invited me to the finals of Jambalaya Original Recipe Contest 2010 held in Tokyo. 10 finalists cooked their original Jambalaya recipes. Mine was "Addictive La-Yu Jambalaya".

Jambalaya is a Louisiana Creole dish of Spanish and French influence. I used Taberu La-Yu for my recipe which is very popular in Japan this year!

The judges were from the USA Rice Federation, chef Kuniaki Arima from Passo a Passo (Italian Restaurant in Monzen Nakamachi, Tokyo), and a famous blogger Yummy-san!

The chef Arima was a fun person, so we could relax and cook at our own pace. Also, Yummy-san was a nice friendly person! There was a party after the contest and I could spend a lot of time with them (right top photo). I really want to thank the USA Rice Federation for this wonderful opportunity!

What I received was the special award. The prize was a dinner for two at Passo a Passo! Yay!!! Surprisingly, my recipe "Addictive La-Yu Jambalaya" was served at the buffet party, too! (left bottom image - the very right dish). Thanks!!!

The contest was broadcast live at USTREAM.

Changing my story, yesterday was a holiday, so my darling and I stayed home and worked on the wedding stuff but our scanner and printer broke X( We now realized we should do everything in advance!!!

Bye for now.

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