Monday, September 6, 2010


Again, after so long, we've been to Midori-zushi on Saturday!!! I just realized last time we went there was October 2009! Almost a year ago!!!

Since my favorite anago (conger eel) is in season, I ordered "anago no shirayaki" which means anago is grilled without sauce and the color is white (left bottom image). You enjoy it simply with lemon, yuzu kosho (yuzu pepper), or ume paste. Yummy!!!

Wow! We drank a lot this time! We finished a bottle of cold sake and half a bottle of white wine... which cost us total of 7,000 yen ($70)... Midori-zushi is very famous for delicious low price sushi but drinking too much doesn't save at all X( Anyway, I could use my sushi coupon (which I received as a prize), so we just paid few dollars in cash. Whew...

How was your weekend?!

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  1. Ochi,

    Both of you drank a lots!!! Did you get drunk after the sake??

    I never try sake before.Ken said sake is a very strong wine compare to others.And easily getting drunk too.


  2. sounds like a delicious weekend! :D my japanese exchange student is here and sometimes i feel bad cus i feel like she's bored! what kind of things do you suggest i do with her? she doesn't speak very much english yet so it's hard to communicate at times!

  3. Hi jose,

    Yeah... We drank a lot!!!
    I think sake is strong but it doesn't make me dizzy, so I can handle it! What I can't drink is cocktails. They are made by mixing a lot of different liquors so that's why I guess...

  4. Hi Kym,

    Oh, finally!!!
    I will suggest going out for shopping!!!
    If she likes to eat, go food court!!!
    I remember I enjoyed spending time there with my host sister when I was a student.
    Also, I loved BBQ outside!!!


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