Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Younger is Smarter

It is raining today in Tokyo after a month!

I recently saw on TV that the younger siblings are smarter. Do you think it's true? Yeah... probably. Because I have two young sisters and they are obviously good at depending on mom and dad. Can't stand watching them sometimes, but honestly... In a bad expression, they are irresponsible, but I envy them in that way sometimes.

When I was small, I complained it to my mom, but she never understood what I meant, or maybe she did but there was no way to change that situation because that is their natural behavioral tendency.

Anyway, now I left home for more than 10 years. I work with elders. Also my darling is older than me. I just realized how my sisters feel and why they act like such... Yeah, less responsibility is the cause... I hate being such since my basic idea hasn't changed but I feel more relaxed in elders...

I hope I can learn to live smart, but that requires a lot of training. Ha-ha!!!

By the way, my darling is the eldest, too. I see his brother smarter than him. Same at any household!

Are you the oldest sibling?
What do you think?!

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  1. I'm the youngest of 3 and my brother who is the oldest is definitely the smartest. :)

  2. I believe that as an elder brother or sister, you have to be role models to your younger brothers and sisters. Because of this, we behave responsibly and try not to mess our decisions in life. Also, there is the pressure from our parents who depend on us to act like grown ups who can handle our own lives without depending on them too much. We also have to help our parents look after our younger siblings. Once we are already trained as responsible adults, the younger ones can now be spoiled.

    I am the second youngest and I believe I am spoiled. I am also more independent and I like to do what I want. I hate it when other people try to tell me what to do. Haha. I like to learn on my own, thus, I am very prone to making a lot of mistakes.

    With your hypothesis that younger is smarter, I probably have to say that it depends. Technology plays a big role in how kids learn nowadays. When my older sisters and brothers were still kids, there was no cellphone, no computer, etc. Now, kids are so techy and there are a lot of educational materials that are very accessible in just a few clicks. Not only are they accessible but also very entertaining. That's why even at a younger age, kids know a lot. To add, kids are very inquisitive.

    I think this is already long. Haha. Just sharing what I think.

  3. Hi Tornadoes28,

    Oh, really?! Hope my sisters think in that way, too!!!

  4. Hello Justin,

    Oh, same for your siblings?! I mean, for the young sisters, eldest is the smartest?! That's interesting!

    It is also interesting to know that you know your tendency. Ha-ha!!!

    Yeah, thanks for sharing your idea of these days. Technology plays a big role, I totally agree with that. So, we have to be prepared to raise our families in this generation!!! Anyway, I hope my kids are not like me. Ha-ha!!!

  5. Ochi,

    Totally agreed!! I'm the oldest in my family and my sisters and brothers seem like smarter than me.Even in the examination results too.The oldest the lousiest!!

    Haha..I understand you.

  6. I'm the older in my family! I don't think younger is smarter, but I do believe that wisdom does come with age! I think it's all in the way you look at things. Everyone has their special gift. I do gravitate toward elders, because I find there isn't that competition thing going on. Mostly a willingness for elders to share their wisdom, and not feel threatened by telling you!!

  7. Hi jose,

    Yeah! You are the oldest!!!
    You know what I mean!!!

  8. Hi Jo,

    >wisdom does come with age
    Absolutely! And your analysis is true!!! Oh, now I understand why I prefer to be with elders!!!


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