Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Younger is Smarter

It is raining today in Tokyo after a month!

I recently saw on TV that the younger siblings are smarter. Do you think it's true? Yeah... probably. Because I have two young sisters and they are obviously good at depending on mom and dad. Can't stand watching them sometimes, but honestly... In a bad expression, they are irresponsible, but I envy them in that way sometimes.

When I was small, I complained it to my mom, but she never understood what I meant, or maybe she did but there was no way to change that situation because that is their natural behavioral tendency.

Anyway, now I left home for more than 10 years. I work with elders. Also my darling is older than me. I just realized how my sisters feel and why they act like such... Yeah, less responsibility is the cause... I hate being such since my basic idea hasn't changed but I feel more relaxed in elders...

I hope I can learn to live smart, but that requires a lot of training. Ha-ha!!!

By the way, my darling is the eldest, too. I see his brother smarter than him. Same at any household!

Are you the oldest sibling?
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