Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our Wedding - 2010.10.10

Our wedding became the largest event in my life.

Being celebrated by our family, relatives, coworkers, and friends, we became happier than ever. I am glad that we planned to have our wedding and I really appreciate everyone who attended our wedding on this day.

We met our wedding planner Natsu at Julia's rose last December while looking for our wedding hall. We attended a lot of wedding events, but her's was special. She said she can help us hold an original wedding filled with flowers.

Our wedding theme was "Heart Full NY Central Park". LA COLLEZIONE was the perfect place for that theme. (Btw, this is why we sealed our invitations with apple stickers = BIG APPLE!!!)

GOTO FLORIST did their best to meet our expectations. They grew a lawn beside the guest tables and created the Central Park! To make it look more natural, they added some trees and rocks. You can find birds and squirrels in the park, too! In the park, there is a table where you can have a break ;) In contrast, all guest tables were decorated with heart-shaped flower arrangements. Hearts hanging from the ceiling created shadowgraph of hearts. Then last but not least, we accented the park with a huge heart :)

Speaking of foods, we catered our favorite Chinese food from Turandot. We rented a huge wedding cake, which was my dream! Then last but not least, I served my pink brownies along with recipe cards!!! I was really happy to see everyone enjoying their meals :)

Happy time passes quickly. After the wedding, our hall was cleaned up in a second and went back the way it was.

It was our happiest day, at the same time I felt lonely saying goodbye to all our guests, Natsu, and those who helped us for about a year to make them all come true! How sad it ends in few hours!!!

But yes! Our wedding forever engraved in our hearts. It made our love even stronger :)

We will never ever forget this day!!!

I will show you the professional pics later when ready!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! You look so beautiful and so happy. It is a really great wedding date too, 10/10/10, your darling will never forget! hehe;)

    Enjoy your newly wed life... no fighting for a while!

  2. Happiness for you both and your family!! Did it rain at the end?

  3. I saw your pics,that has a big smile on your face.
    i'm really happy for you...and your hubby too.


    and your wedding theme,are very unique...i luv it!

  4. Ochi,

    I was happy for you while I read this post.Really,you're like BFF to me now...

    You know,your smile was so pretty and I love how your look in your wedding.You're the most prettiest bride I ever seen..

    Congratulations to you.Wish you and your hubby will happy forever!!!

  5. Congrads to you and your new husband! Your wedding dress was beautiful, and also I loved the colored gown too!! You and your honey were gorgeous together!!!

    I think that wedding celebrations should last at least two days, with all the time and preparations. I had a feeling you would contribute a special food to your wedding. Your pink brownies were perfect!!!

  6. Congratulations to you both! Your wedding looks really beautiful, and you are a lovely couple!
    But I was really surprised that you rented a cake. Do you mean you couldn't eat it? You had to return it when the wedding was over?

  7. あみちゃん、



  8. ahhhh! i'm so happy everything went well and it's all you imagined! the pictures are beautiful.. and YOU.. wow... i love your whole outfit.. the dress, the hair piece.. you look gorgeous! congratulations!!

  9. Hi fran,

    Yes! No fighting!!! Hope it lasts forever ;)

  10. Hi Apest,

    Thank you!!!
    It rained in the morning, but cleared up in the afternoon!!!

  11. Hi merce-san,

    Thank you!!!
    Yes. My dad said the same thing: unique.
    We were very happy that we could hold the reception at our favorite space :)

  12. Hi jose,

    I really want to thank you because you always gave me an advice when I had a worry...
    I think this day was special. I could make sure that we can be together forever for whatever happens!!! 7 years were nothing. This day just made us together!!! I can't explain this feeling, but I was really happy :)
    Thanks for your celebration!!!

  13. Hi jo,

    Yes! I totally agree with you!!! I hope it lasts for few days!!!
    Oh really?! He-he!!! Yes! Not the whole dishes, but my brownies ;) Good guess!!!

  14. Hi Cathy,

    Thank you!!!
    Good question!!! Yes. We rented an imitation cake for our cake-cutting ceremony, so we had to return it when the wedding was over. Of course, we prepared a real cake for our first bite and for our guests :)

  15. りんださん、


  16. Hi Kym,

    Thank you!!!
    I am really happy that you and all blog friends celebrated me once again!!!
    Yes. This space was our imagination. I will show you pics by pro when ready!

    Wedding is something special. I can't explain you well, so you should plan yours soon ;)

  17. OMG Ochi, congratulations!!!!

    The wedding looked perfect, and you looked beautiful!!
    I wish the best for the both of you =D

  18. Hi Theda,

    Thank you!!!

    We had a hard time preparing it, but everything turned out what I dreamed of :)

  19. Ochi-san ha hontou ni kirei desu.. Darling-san to hontou ni kakoi desu ;)
    Wedding omedetou gozaimasu!!

    atarashi no reader/subscriber yori^^

  20. Omedeto~~ even though it is 2 years late. You looked really pretty in your white wedding dress. i liked the drawing of you and your husband. REALLY NICE! Hope you have a happy and enjoyable life together forever~ hehe! Love your blog! The food mades me drool. >~<

  21. thank you ;) i'm glad i made this post <3

  22. Congratulations for your so-beautiful wedding!!! The decoration, the cake, your dress, everything looks perfect!! Many more long years of happiness and cooking!


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