Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Photo Montage Video Presentations

Yes! We did it!!!

I think this was the heaviest task we had in our wedding preparations!

As I wrote before, a childhood photo montage video presentation is the highlight of entertainment for the guests at the wedding reception in Japan. Therefore, we planned to play our original video during our reception. First, it was tiring to look for the software that works on our PC. Believe it or not, we went back and forth the electronics retail stores for many times to exchange the software (for many reasons)... Then another tiring part was the creation! Since it was a project of our two, we had to go over the video together and edit. Needless to say, there is no peace. I don't remember how many times I argued with my darling...

It was hell in many ways, but I'm glad everyone liked it! We also played an end-title roll video in the end of the reception to thank everyone who attended and contributed to our wedding.

Now I uploaded those two videos on my YouTube account. Sorry, they are set as private, so please feel free to send me a request if you want to take a look ;)

Childhood Photo Montage Video Presentation

Combined with our favorite music, from childhood photos to dating and engagement photos, this video is a special reflection on our past to tell the story of us, who eventually meet and fall in love.

End-Title Roll

Credits combined with our favorite music and photos. We listed names of our guests and people who contributed to our wedding.

Hope you enjoy them :D

※結婚式に使ったプロフィールビデオとエンドロールです。ソフトはPhoto Movie Studio 5 Weddingを使用。YouTubeに限定公開していますので見たい方はリクエストメッセージを下さい☆

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