Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome Board Idea

A welcome board is a board displayed at the entrance to a wedding venue.

At first, we had no idea, but while in NY (this summer), without expectation, we looked for a street artist in Times Square who can draw something for us. After looking for a while, we found a Chinese guy who drew something we want!!! His drawing was worth the money - using colors cost 25 bucks.

However, lastly, he suggested us to get a frame which cost us an additional 20 bucks! Is he a rip-off?! We thought for a while but we decided to get it because he was a nice guy. Also, we thought we need some kind of frame later anyway.

But he was right! The tool he used was charcoal so the drawing can smudge easily!!! I once tried to take it out from the frame but it smudged, so I realized it. I see some people who roll up their drawings, but I don't think they can take home as is.

Anyway, it's pretty fun to have your portrait drawn by a street artist for your wedding ;)

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  1. Ochi,

    Amazing artist with only one hand drew such a great drawing!!!

    Everyone has ability and potential..

    The drawing is really perfect for your wedding welcome board.

  2. what a great idea!!! good thing you bought the frame too! I just read your previous blog post... i was actually planning to do the same thing, put a disposable camera on each table so others can capture memories for us! Hopefully I can get a good camera b/c i heard that some cameras don't fully work - like only half of the film will develop! :(

    P.S - we have a new japanese student staying with us but for only one week. We've already bonded so nicely because she is also engaged so we've been talking non-stop about weddings! The funny thing is... she is from Tokyo and she wants a Western style wedding. I am from Canada and I want a Japanese inspired wedding. hahaa! We're switching! ;P I would love to hear more wedding ideas from you!

  3. Was a great idea to have a charcoal painting done! My husband and I had a computerized one done on our honeymoon. I really liked it two, done in back and white! I had a charcoal one done in color many years ago, and my husband loves it. Some things are worth spending money on, because of the sentimental memories attached to it! Yours will always be special, and well worth the money for a wedding memory!!

  4. Hi jose,

    Yes! He was an amazing artist! I hope I can see him again when we visit NY the next year ;)
    I'm glad you liked it!!!

  5. Hi Kym,

    Yes I know... sometimes you can get a defective one, so be careful! But great that you can get good cameras!!!

    You accept many students from Japan! Thanks!!! Japanese inspired wedding sounds fun!!! Can't wait to see your ideas, too!!!

  6. Hi Jo,

    I never tried the computerized one!!! But yes! I remember there were some artists using computers in Times Square :D

    Yes. You are right! Wedding memories are special!!! I realized it after we finished our wedding!!!


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