Friday, October 29, 2010

Wedding Ring Pillow

Wedding ring pillow is a pillow that has ribbons to tie the rings. Some people make their own, but frankly, ring pillow can be anything!

We first thought of using an apple, putting rings through its stem. But surprisingly, most apples at supermarkets have short stems, so we gave up.

Then later, by a lucky chance, my darling found this cute little heart-shaped leafy plant at a general store! It nicely matched our wedding theme: full of hearts!

By the way, our wedding rings are here ;)

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  1. haha the idea of using apples as ring pillow is really innovative! who came up with that idea? u n hubby? i never thot of this. my future ring pillow will most likely be the traditional type, small cute satin pillow with lace... boring~~~ >_< that heartshaped ring pillow ur hubby found is really pretty =) i love things heartshaped, so romantic!

    till next time!

  2. oh and yup i do know baidu, cos there's heaps of stuff to be d/l-ed frm there, and also cos my bf's frm china. so after being together with him, i noe alot more abt chinese websites.

    chinese people really have ALOT of forums and alot of chat topics! they really do talk abt everything & anything! u just have to google anything in chinese font, and u're bound to find some chat forum/article abt it. its quite amazing really. they are really close-knitted, even online! haha...

    i didnt noe rakuten did global shipping too, but i saw a link that says rakuten now ships to australia and i clicked on it immediately! and its in english, thank goodness; i dun understand japanese! hehe...

    love, mica

  3. Ochi,

    So creative!!

    The heartshaped was really suit your wedding theme.

    For me,I still haven't think anything about it but you did gave me lot of ideas on the wedding stuff.


  4. Hi mica,

    Yes, my darling! He sometimes came up with a good idea. he-he!!! But mostly he did not help that much, so I'm glad he did help me once in a while in this way.

    I know you love heart-shaped things! I just read your profile and knew it ;)

  5. Hi mica again,

    What kind of things do you d/l from there?! Games?

    I didn't know that the Chinese are chatty!!!


    So, now can you get most of the things you want at Rakuten, or not yet enough?!

  6. Hi jose,

    I'm glad my posts help you!!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing your posts about your wedding sometime soon ;)


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