Monday, November 1, 2010

Deciding On Home Equipments

In the weekend, my darling and I again toured the showrooms for our new home equipments: kitchen at Sun Wave and bathroom & vanity at INAX. Since there are so many options for each equipment, we cannot decide the specifications at once. Now I have another change in my kitchen... we took many pictures there but somehow we want to see the real thing again, so going there back again this weekend... We cannot grudge the time for our new home, you know!
Can you believe it is already November?!
This week, I am really busy because I have to work on a holiday (11/3) and go Hokkaido (by plane) on 11/4 (PM) and come back on 11/5 (AM).

I hope I can handle all these schedules.

Anyway, I still have more to write about my wedding, so don't get board :P

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  1. Ochi,

    Your hair looked superb amazing in this photo.Love it!! Great hair day..

    You really have a tight week ahead.

    I'm looking forward to my weekend too..Friday is public holiday here

  2. Hi jose,

    Really?! I changed my shampoo (used one-time sample) in the morning :D

    I envy you have a day off on Friday! I can't even have a day off on a holiday X( Anyway, I'll post something while I'm here. He-he!!!

  3. hi dear! i love the glitter pens too, very pretty n easy to use! i love furniture shopping! its such a sweet feeling to shop for furniture with loved one =)

    i used to d/l mp3 songs frm baidu, but no longer. u use baidu?

    they are quite chatty online n they sometimes give very good product reviews!! haha i say that cos im browsing thru reading product reviews. btw do u buy skincare/bodycare/cosmetics prdts online? =)

    the stuff at rakuten is quite extensive, but more expensive than those @ Gmarket. have u shopped @ Gmarket b4? and some items at rakuten dont do intl shipping, and i have to register a japanese address, which is quite complicated! =(

    love, mica

  4. Hi mica,

    Can you purchase what you want online?! I'm curious!!!
    I never shop the things I've never taken in my hands.

    I just followed your blog :)

    Waiting for your new product review!!!

    You use Japanese cosmetics more than I do!!!

  5. thanks dear for following =)

    serious? u dun really use jap skincare/cosmetics? im surprised! japanese products have always been so popular, even in singapore. so what brand of cosmetics do u use?

    love, mica

  6. i didnt get those items, because i havent quite figured out the whole "forwarding address" thing yet. but i do buy stuff from online shops! i know what u mean, cos even my boyfriend is reluctant to buy stuff online. he said he must try the item out, b4 he knows whether it's what he likes. i like to shop online because i get more variety and items that are not so commonplace =)

    love, mica

  7. Hi mica,

    Actually, I use KOSE's 雪肌精(sekkisei) but I also use LOCCITANE. Sometimes HR and AESOP! I bought new JILLSTUART lip balm and nail polish for my sister's birthday! They were cute!!! I am thinking of getting their poplular mixed blush compact someday soon!!! Anyway, I used to love Hard Candy, too!!!

  8. You are like my darling ;) He purchases online, too... He bought even a scanner which costs more than 100 bucks!!! I can't believe but luckily, he is good at getting the right stuff online. Me?! I always draw a losing product... even the restaurants I found online were not the place I expected...

    Also, the Hard Candy Eyeshadow I got online was not the one I want... I mean... the color was the same but their package has changed and was really cheap!!!

  9. is KOSE's 雪肌精(sekkisei) a good skincare range? i read a review that says its much better than sk2, and on, its prdts are always out of stock. seems very popular, and cheaper than sk2 too. what are your thoughts on their prdt? oh n im eyeing the jill stuart lip balm too! and her Berry Scrub =D

    i get that sometimes; online the restaurant picture gallery (decor & food) always make the place look like a "must-go" place but when u're there, it's disappointing. it happens.

    so far the only hiccup i had with online purchasing was this 1 time when Gmarket sent me a pair of shoes in size 36 instead of the size 38 that i had ordered. other than that, my online buying experience has been rather pleasant =)

  10. I stick with KOSE's 雪肌精(sekkisei) because I use their line since I was a high school student! Amazingly, it doesn't irritate my skin at all until now, so that's why! I never used SK2 but some of my friends said it was pretty strong... I'm afraid to try that at this point in my age... he-he

    Wow! You are lucky that you didn't have that bad experience in the past!!! Do I expect too much?! Ha-ha!!!

  11. no i dont think u expect too much! its just that with online shopping, there's a lot of risks. so b4 i shop online, i actually google the online shop n see other pple's reviews abt it. and i only shop @ the more popular online shops, so its safer =D

    but u dun have to buy stuff online, cos u're in japan! u can head to the shops & heaps of stuff available. we shop online cos we dun get too much choices in terms of jap/korean prdts and clothing. jap fashion's so kawaii, the dresses are all so sweet. packaging is also so pretty. food's great too, esp the pocky & collon snacks, my faves =)

    love, mica

  12. by the way dear, have u heard any reviews abt Shiseido skincare? im currently using their pureness range & white lucent range. just switched to shiseido abt a week ago. but im not sure if its the best skincare prdt for me. is KOSE's 雪肌精(sekkisei) a better choice? just wondering...!

    n hope u're enjoying the weekend with ur hubby! how did u both spend the weekend?

    love, mica

  13. Hi mica,

    You are right! We can get the most of kawaii stuff at shops in TOKYO, so we don't have to shop online!!! But sometimes there is a limited edition sold online... which I think is pretty risky!

    You would luv Japanese foods! There are too many yummy stuff!!! So, that's why I am not thinking of going back to the U.S. at this point. But I luv NY!!! hehe.

  14. Hi mica again,

    That is my question, too, because Shiseido is very popular... but I hear many people saying it is pretty strong... many pros and cons X( I really don't know how to find the good skincare products since there are so many products and we can't tell by using samples... but for me, KOSE is the best. Oh, btw, it is good to BELIEVE IN when you use skincare products ;)

    Our weekend was good! We had another meeting for the renovation!!!

  15. NY is such an attraction! i havent been there personally, but i visit blogs and some of them upload such lovely pictures of NY! it is definitely 1 of the "must visit" places.

    yes it is true! very difficult to find a good skincare range. i used to use biotherm. but i've recently switched to shiseido's white lucent. im new to whitening range, and afraid that it might be too strong for my face and cause damage. so im actually still keeping a look out for other products. i dont think shiseido suits my skin very well.

    love, mica

  16. Hi mica,

    Yes! I tried biotherm once but it didn't attract me that much. I love whitening range! That's why I use KOSE, but I hope that is not damaging my skin... Why I say this is because my skin is not that smooth at all for ages... maybe that's kind of by nature... you know what I mean!?

  17. haha by nature? u mean as u get older, ur skin's not as good as it used to be? i noticed that with my skin too :( i've got some really disturbing oil pores on the area between my nose & eyes, they look like little bumps. and i think ive got oily T-zone, but the lady @ the shiseido counter told me it's because my skin's dehydrated, that's why it is producing MORE n MORE oil. but im still afraid to put alot of moisturizer ard that area, cos it really shines, u noe? n its awful >_<

    btw, how old are u? if thats ok to share :) cos from the pictures, ur skin really does look flawless! do u use bb cream or concealers? i dont do makeup, but im thinking whether i should get a concealer, so that my skin looks smoother?

    love, mica

  18. hi mica, always thanks for coming back to know about japan ;)

    by nature, i mean in-born... don't you think so?! some people have smooth skin without any care... i envy those people...

    >afraid to put alot of moisturizer
    i was like you!!! but your oil and moisturizer are different, so being too moist is better than being too dry... i hope you find your way to keep moist your skin!!! i can't suggest anything since it's a delicate issue, you know!!!

    i am 30 X( and you know what... my skin is troublesome... speaking of foundation, i once tried liquid type to hide my pores and i got many acnes + it hardened my skin X( i tried to hide those again and finally realized i was in a bad loop... then i decided to use powder type...

    only half believing it, i switched to the Only Minerals Foundation. it does not cover a lot, but less damage to my skin!!! so i still use that daily ;)

    wearing light makeup (with moderate SPF) is good for your skin, so i don't suggest you going for concealer at the beginning X( but this is just from my experience, so if it works well on your skin, you can go for it ;)

  19. hmm yeah u're right... my mum has awesome skin. soft, not baby soft cos that'll be too exaggerated, but it isnt dry at all. n she doesnt have any pimple/breakout problems. none of the oil pores prob im having too. n her skin tone is really fair! im so envious!! n she's 55 years old this year! i obviously didnt inherit her good skin :( but my frens say my skin condition's way better than alot of others', so i should be satisfied :)

    what do u mean the liquid foundation hardened ur skin? that really sounds scary!!

    oh n although i dont do makeup, im very sceptical abt the whole minerals makeup thing too! i think the goodness of mineral makeup is alittle too exagerrated.

    love, mica

  20. btw, how do u keep ur skin moist?

    i do really silly stuff with my skin, n that's the main reason y my skin is dehydrated. i used to wash my face 3 or 4 times a day! cos i always felt like my pores were clogged n dirty, so that's why there's so much oil on the surface. the saleslady @ Shiseido was so so shocked when she heard what i did! i think u probably are too!? >_<

    love, mica

  21. hi mica,

    i envy your mom!!! having no problem never happens to me X( and i see your skin looks nice and smooth. maybe your friends are right!!!

    >>liquid foundation hardened ur skin?
    it is scary but it just happened to me... no one knows but maybe my skin needs to breath! hehe

    i think you can try the mineral stuff! according to my experince, mineral powder is pretty good :D

  22. hi mica,

    i just realized you live in the warm weather... which might be different from me. when i keep moist, i keep little more moist than i should be... that tones up nicer!

    ohhhhhh mica, yeah, i was shocked to hear that!!! but me, too! i once did a really silly stuff... to keep my face moist, i didn't wash my face in the morning... which i heard is wrong after a month of doing that... it is necessary to wash in the morning to remove the dead cells and dirt came out at night X(

  23. i probably will might try mineral cosmetics in the future. at the moment, i know absolutely nothing about cosmetics n make-up!!! i dont own any foundations, concealers, powders, eyeliners, mascaras... is there any girl left in the world my age who doesnt do makeup? i really wonder. haha... im not sure why im not into the whole makeup craze (there's so many beauty blogs out there now...); maybe lazy?? >_<

    when did u 1st start wearing make-up?

    did ur skin condition get worse when u didnt wash ur face in the morning for 1mth?

    i just realized some small troubling bumps (they look like oil bumps) on my cheek areas today! im not sure whats happening... i never had problems at my cheek area :(

    love, mica

  24. Hi mica,

    >when did u 1st start wearing make-up?
    I think it was when I entered the college! Because at my high school, students were not allowed to wear makeup!!!

    >did ur skin condition get worse when u didnt wash ur face in the morning for 1mth?
    Not really... because I simply stopped doing that right after I heard it is no good!!! whew...

    I think you would love the whole makeup world ;) But be careful and always watch out your skin condition!!!


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