Monday, November 15, 2010

After The Wedding

Believe it or not, a day after the wedding, we had an appointment with our construction company regarding our renovation. Before the appointment, I had few things to discuss with my darling but...

See how tired my darling was... he said he is listening to me but I don't think so...


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  1. I am glad you enjoyed my jokes!

    In a previous post you were talking about Wedding etiquette. I don't know but sometimes the rules & one's family can get very overbearing and make the whole process just a little uncomfortable. My parents wanted the old fashioned way with the whole dowry thing, so I requested a silver dollar he! he! I got married to an American, so what the heck did he know about dowry!
    Anyway, he surprised my family when he secretly purchased our home in another state! This was even a surprise for me! Boy am I glad he did that!!!This was 5 years ago.
    It is fun to see how your story is unfolding! Your hubby seems awfully tired!LOL!

  2. haha you guys are cute! wow.. you didn't even get to fly away anywhere for a honeymoon? :(

  3. Ochi,

    He was really tired!! Can fall asleep by leaning the wall..


  4. Hi Nazarina,

    Oh, really? Was the silver dollar request acceptable for your parents?! We do have dowry kind of thing in Japan. There is a custom of giving betrothal money, but it's not as much as dowry money i guess. However, we skipped that part since our reception cost more than that X(

    Your hubby was nice :D Didn't you miss your family?! I am a person who prefers to live bit away from home (because my sisters still live there and we can easily get into fights like kids. hehe) so for me sounds nice!

  5. Hi Kym,

    Do you have a plan to fly away somewhere for that?! We just simply want to go back to NY again the next year, so we save money for it ;)

  6. Hi jose,

    He is sometimes like this... X(

  7. haha poor hubby really does look exhausted! how come u manage to look so energetic? very big contrast!! ;D

    oh n i wish im from korea! korea has awesome fashion n im a huge fan of korean food AND drama serials! sometimes i cry till my eyes are swollen >_< but nope im not korean. im from singapore (but currently studying abroad in melbourne)! but u're right about wearing sleeveless all year long. singapore's summery 365 days a year :(

    have u been to singapore for holidays? i'll love to visit japan for sure. which part of japan are u from? tokyo?

    love, mica

  8. Hi mica,

    You really love Asian stuff ;)
    I never watched Korean movies, but many Japanese says they are good! Bae Yong Joon was once really popular.

    I have been to Singapore looooong ago when I was a teenager!!! Yeah, I wish to visit there once again ;)

    I live in Tokyo! I love to shop at 109? You know the place?! hehe

  9. haha do i really sound like im into asian stuff? im an addict for asian drama serials thats for sure! ;D

    o wow... tokyo is THE place to be! 109? do u mean shibuya 109? its like a very famous shopping centre/ shopping district? i heard of it, and it's online too! some of the jap shopping sites dont ship overseas their prdts, but overseas buyers can purchase them thru :) but everything is in jap!!! laughs... i wish i learnt jap ;D

    are stuff very ex @ shibuya 109?

    love, mica

  10. hi mica,

    yes!!! shibuya 109!!! that is a must visit place for shopaholic girls. hehe ;)

    stuff at shibuya 109 is not at all expensive because they are for teenagers!!! me?! i am 30 but i believe i still can wear stuff there if i choose well made ones... because what you have to be careful is they carry many cheap brands, too! they look similar but if you see close, you will know!

  11. i think with fashion, there's no such a thing as only for teenagers, s long s u dont pick the super childish ones! and since in japan, all things are so kawaii (including dressing!), it really doesnt matter i think =)

    im a self-proclaimed shopaholic, so i must most definitely make a trip there shld i visit japan in the future!

    love, mica

  12. oh thanks mica! you are nice for understanding that ;)

    yes! please visit 109! you will enjoy a whole day there!!!

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHA... He must have tried his best!


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