Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The Diversity Immigrant Visa program (DV for short) is a United States congressionally-mandated lottery program for receiving a United States Permanent Resident Card. A winning chance for an Asian is 0.58%! Almost one out of 200!!!

But I think I'm not even having a chance to apply for it X(

I again couldn't apply for it this year since I thought the deadline was 11/30 but was 11/3!!! Also, last year, I jumped into the site at the last moment so the site was busy and I couldn't apply for it...

Is there anyone who won this lottery?! I'm really curious!!!

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  1. Yes! I know several people who have won their green card through this program!

    It is hard to believe- but it is true~ :-)

    Although I was applying mine on employment basis, I was also doing this lottery. Winning the green card through this lottery is a LOT quicker, easier and cheaper than obtaining it through employment. :-(
    It is just more concrete to apply it through employment than just relying on your luck.

  2. hi りんだ!

    I know your effort so I totally understand what you mean!!! I remember even the H-1 visa was kind of pain in the neck... I paid $1000 for the premium processing... X( yeah, relying on luck is totally a challenge. That's why I am trying to apply for it when I don't really need it... but see... if I'm not in need, I keep on missing the chance...

  3. Do you really want to be a permanent resident here in the U.S. Ochi was just wondering!

  4. Hi jo,

    Yes! Because we Japanese can have both nationalities, so there is no problem having the permanent resident for 2 countries. Much more convenient when I visit the U.S. on vacation :D


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