Thursday, November 25, 2010


Crab is one of my favorite foods!!!

As a prize for Quick Scallop Recipe Contest, I received Kegani (Hairy Crab or Horsehair Crab) from Hokkaido!

My darling peeled it for me since it was picked! Ouch :P How to eat Kegani is HERE. Sorry in Japanese but I hope it gives you an idea!

Change in area of production, you can enjoy crabs all year long in Hokkaido, which is amazing :D Remember it or not, we had our fill of crabs at かに本家 (Kani Honke) in Hokkaido this April. I wish I could have that again someday soon!!!

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  1. wow!sounds good...we are going to hokkaido this coming may.
    by the way,sorry Ami San,i don't have internet connection this past weeks.coz,we moved in our new house.
    but it's okey now,back to normal.

  2. i forgot to tell you,we went to japan last september,and we came home last october.
    by may next year,we will go back again,and this time...we are going to hokkaido.

  3. Hi merce-san,

    Great to hear from you!!!
    You come to Japan very often. Maybe your hubby likes to?! hehe

  4. Hi Merce-san again,

    You stayed for a month!? Let me know when you come ;)

  5. wah~ the crab looks very yummy! haha that's so sweet of your husband! my bf also helps me take shells off any seafood we eat =)

    yes it is very cold here already! yesterday is snowed 15cm but it rained overnight and it is all gone!

    hee hee yes i really do like japanese stuff and culture, im going back to tokyo in janurary hopefully =) it will be my 3rd time going!

    and thank you lots of the comment on my phone, my bf thinks the lace is too much hee hee hee but i like it!

  6. Hi suki pooki,

    Snow already?! Sounds really cold there!!! Stay warm!!!

    Are you originally from Japan?! You would enjoy shopping in Tokyo ;) You can get latest spring style in January I guess ;) But I always go for winter sales item, though :P

  7. Ochi,

    I love crab too!!!

    SG is popular with chilli crab.We can get chilli crab in any Chinese restaurants.And crabs are selling expensively here..

    So lucky you get crabs for free..

  8. Hi jose,

    Right!!! I should try the chilli crab someday!!!

    But eating crab at home is not a good idea... it smells bad till the next garbage collection...


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