Friday, November 26, 2010

Caon - Aromatherapy Salon

I have tried out beauty salon treatments for a few times (LPG Cellulite Treatment and Massage Therapy for example) but none of them was worth the money to sign up...

However, lately, I had a chance to get an Aromatherapy Massage for our wedding (because the salon was located near home) and found it really suits me well!!!

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses herbal essential oils, and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of altering a person's mind, mood, cognitive function or health.
Sounds really complicated but to put it simply, VERY RELAXING!

My favorite herb combination is rose otto, geranium, and frankincense. It balances female hormones.

Lately, I had seasonal herbs combination, as well! Rose geranium and basil combination is good as season changes to winter. Rosemary and yuzu (citron) combination prevents colds and feeling of cold! It is said to be good for your body to inhale and intake seasonal herbs. Amazingly I real experienced it!

My next appointment is in the end of December. I try to go there (caon) once a month :D My darling always comes with me to have a short aromatherapy since the place is for both men and women!

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  1. i love ur pair of white furry boots & ur matching fur vest!! really pretty :) did u get them @ shibuya101?

    i've not experienced any massage/ aromatherapy/facial sessions, but i'll very much love to do so! there's this place called "Shizuka Ryokan" here, it's japanese spa treat and romantic/relaxing getaway. the BF n myseld were considering this for our 3yr anniversary together last mth but the dates didnt really work out for us; cos it's cheaper on the weekdays, but we've got uni classes on weekdays. so maybe nxt time!

    here's the link...

  2. the area that im staying at doesnt have much japanese restaurants. there're more korean & indian eateries near my place. but there's heaps of japanese restaurants in the city area! jap food is very popular amongst the Aussies & Asians (of course!).

    i love to dine @ Takumi; Jap-style bbq and other yummy chef's specials. my fave is the Wagyu Beef Sashimi =)

    here's the link...

    love, mica

  3. morning dear,

    im interested in that hand cream u commented abt over @ my blog~~ the 1 that can be eaten! haha...

    if u find the post where u blogged abt it, leave me the link over @ my blog, and then i'll c if i can get it anywhere online. thanks dear!

    love, mica

  4. Hi mica,

    I was away fom blog on the weekend!
    Yes! I got the fur (they are leg warmers) at 109 ;)

    Oh, you are a student! I totally forgot about that! hehe. You really know many beauty stuff than I do when I was a student!!! The spa sounds relaxing!!! Please post about it when you get a chance to go there ;)

    If you know the taste of Wagyu, you should come Japan and try out! There are many good Wagyu restaurants in Japan!

    Regarding the hand cream is HERE
    . Sometimes the search function does not work, so sorry if you tried to find it.

  5. Ochi, did really enjoyed yourself..

    I never been to massage with Ken before..I only been to massage once only!!

    I need it so much too...Christmas tree is nice there!

  6. Hi jose,

    As long as I have a full-time job, I decided to get myself a little treat once in a month :D I'm glad I found the salon I like... because others I tried were not at all attractive.


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