Thursday, November 25, 2010

My Calgel Nails Thereafter...

I forgot to post this, but after I removed my Calgel nails, my nails were scary looooooong!!! Of course I cut them already!!!

Now you know how strong the Calgel was! It supported my nails to grow this long. OMG!!!

It's my Guinness!!!

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  1. wow those nails are super long!!!! Are they your real nails? my nails can only be this long if i get gel nails done hee hee~

  2. oh, hi suki pooki!

    I will follow you! I remember you from mica's page :D

    Yes they are real, and I think it's possible for anyone because my friends told me they have much longer nails X(

  3. hahaha i follow u too but im anonymous i hope you don't mind! oh really its real? wow it makes me want to try it!

  4. Thanks suki pooki,

    I see anonymous function, but I really don't know how it works... hmm... I will learn about it when I have time... anyway, that is okay! Thanks :D

  5. omg my dear ur nails are indeed very long! n looks healthy too :) my nails can never grow to that length, cos it chips often. sobs!

    love, mica

  6. Hi mica,

    Yes. They were pretty strong after the removal! Maybe you can try this nail for a special occasion :D It costs a lot but worth to try out!!!


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