Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wara Wara

Compared to our anniversary dinner, our dinner yesterday was amazingly cheap!

Last night, we've been to a chain Izakaya called 笑笑 (Wara Wara). We haven't been there for ages since there is no smoke-free seat. However, we went there yesterday because I had 5,000yen ($50) value coupon which expires in the end of this month.

Wow! We didn't know all drinks and foods there are now 300yen (only 3 bucks)!!! Can you believe this huge fish (Atka Mackerel) and Omelet Soba cost only 300yen each?!

Luckily, there wasn't any customer who smokes around us, so we had these foods in a better air. I mean, it still smells a little, you know...

Of course, we couldn't use all 50 bucks, so we have to go back there again soon... but not at all bad than we thought!

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