Monday, November 29, 2010


I am always surprised about myself being really careless while being really careful... This weekend, many things I did which I thought are GOOD turned out REAL BAD!

My darling says I am an enthusiast. That is true. So that is why I sometimes make a huuuuuge mistake with enthusiasm! And it just happened on many things at the same time on the weekend!!! hahaha...

Whatsoever!!! (I wish I could say this...)

We've been to 笑笑 (Wara Wara) again to use the rest of the coupons we had. This time, we've been to a different branch and there their menu was not all 3 bucks. Anyway, they had different menus and we enjoyed. I don't know why but I am into edamame lately. hehe!

Good for me! No eat outs this weekdays! Gonna go to GYM this weekdays!!! forget about all my damn mistakes!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I knew what you meant in your post.Sometimes I experienced the same things too..but this is only temporary..

    You really ate a lots outside foods last week..

    Me too..I think I gain some weight again..

  2. Hi jose,

    You always understand me!!! Thanks!!! I hope just for now, too...

    Yeah... I try not to eat too much at a time!

  3. I love your boots in that photo!! So jealous!
    I like the idea of making mistakes "with enthusiasm." That's my kinda mistake! :)

  4. i love edamame!!! and i need to hit the gym again soon, i've been slacking a bit :(

    lat response to your comment about my business: YES! if you don't start, nothing will happen! You will be surprised the things that will unfold when you take the first step. You don't necessarily have to quit your job. I quit my old full time job to move to a part time job which allowed me more time for my business. I am happier now b/c i am able to do more of what i love! If you have any questions about business, i'm always happy to chat about it :) And about my age - i am 23. :)

  5. It's your enthusiasm that makes you great at things like cooking and blogging! A few mistakes along the way won't matter much in the long run.

  6. Hi ReBekha,

    Thanks! Is Okinawa too warm to wear fur?!
    Oh, you are that kinda person?! Glad I have a friend :D

  7. Hi Kym,

    Thanks!!! I recommend any bride to do easy muscle training! It does really shape your body nicely and burns fat with light exercise :) I still do that because I hate spending too much time at the GYM :P

    And, thank you verrrrrrry much for your comment. You are so young and you already know many things, which I think is a great progress! I have to learn from you. You are right... quitting job is not necessary... but like you say, if I need more time, I need to. Hard to decide but need to start something...

  8. Hi Cathy,

    Thank you. I will try to keep your words in my mind. Because of my character, I feel tooooooo disappointed when I feel disappointed, which is annoying, if I think back... It affects my darling directly which is no good. He always listens to me, though... but kind of sleeping... which makes me feel at ease sometimes. haha...


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