Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ibook G3 M6411

See what this is...

I bought this ibook when I was a student. Almost 10 years ago! After 6 years, I started it up to use Photoshop... and was still doing fine! Without Internet connection, it seems not at all out date. haha.

This year, because we had a wedding, I made my original Christmas card (for friends overseas) and New Year's card (for friends in Japan) :D To save time, I bought ready-made photo frames but I wasn't 100% satisfied with the designs, so I edited them with Photoshop. I will show you the cards on the days :)

Back to ibook, it has a cute handle. At that time, it was cool if you carry it like a bag... but what if I do that now... People will think I'm crazy!!! I believe some of my blog buddies even don't know what the heck is this style. haha!

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  1. Ochi,

    10 years?!! Wow..superb old..my Fujitsu laptop almost 6 years now.And it doing things slowly nowadays.I think I gonna change new laptop soon..

    But yours IBook is great even after 10 years..probably because of Apple??I don't think people carry ibook now,right?haha...

  2. Hi jose,

    Not because of Apple. I haven't used it for a while, so that's why. Also, I just use it for my drawings.

    You are right... now it is called mac book?!

  3. hi dear, i showed the boy this post, cos he's a huge fan of Apple products. we both think the ibook looks like a toy laptop! so different from the latest Apple laptops now! im amazed @ the quality too; after 10 years n still functional... great buy. technology of the past seems to be more lasting? nowadays... no laptop can last 10 years!

    love, mica

  4. smiles... i wish i can live in japan! alot of pple mistakenly think that my name "Mica" is spelt as "Mika" and thought im jap!

    jap food, fashion, dramas, products etc are popular in singapore. so as a child growing up in singapore, i've had quite a fair bit of exposure to things jap.

    i love jap food and so does the boy :) in fact he requested i cook jap curry tonight! so 2mrw's update might be another jap dish. haha... hope u dont get too bored with all this focus on stuff japanese!

    my fave jap dish is tonkatsu curry :) yumms... but it's time-consuming to cook tonkatsu dish with the deepfrying etc. maybe next time when i feel more hardworking, i might try that dish.

    love, mica

  5. oh i love khiels hand cream too! its a good choice :) but the aroma is not too attractive. so i usually use it b4 i go to bed for that extra moisturizing effect. i also find that my hands feel alittle oily after applying. so i refrain from using it during the day. what is the brand of the edible hand cream?

    btw, what brand is that edible hand cream? it's easier to find it when its brand :)

    love, mica

  6. ahhh i remember i wanted one of the pink ones of these! hee hee hee!

    my bf has the mac book pro but i still use my pink toshiba hahaha i love it even though its not as "good" as the mac =P

    i love the kiss me heroine eyeliner too! you're right its just so awesome and i love how its so affordable!

  7. Hi mica,

    Yes! ibook looks like a toy :) I hope it won't break suddenly... haha. But like you say, things in the past, such as my grandma's TV, seems to be more lasting!!!

    How did your curry and rice come out?! Boys like curry and rice. My darling as well! With tonkatsu, of course!!! haha

    If you require good aroma, the edible one has no aroma. Anyway, it's maker is d-fit. It's the owner of kinpakuya website.

  8. Hi suki pooki,

    Did they have pink ones?! So do I, I always go for pinks!!! I am thinking of getting sony's new laptop which is in my favorite fuchsia pink!!!

  9. oh sony has such nice laptops but they're so expensive! Im current;y using my pink toshiba laptop! hee hee it was a promotion for toshiba since they usually don't make pink laptops! I love pink too!

    I want a new laptop but i feel bad because there is nothing wrong with my old one haha i try to buy all my stuff in pink, my dsi is also the pink fuchsia colour but i miss the original pink ds, the softer colour too bad they're not producing them anymore!

  10. Hi suki pooki!

    Oh, if you can use your current one, don't go for the new one. There will be new ones monthly nowadays, so you might find what you want by the time you need it :D

    I don't own any laptop PC, so that's why I'm thinking of getting one but I might get a desktop... since it is much faster and easy to use! hehe

    So your fav pink is soft pink?! Anyway, I will check your post and will know anytime soon ;)

  11. Oh, I remember that one from your college day!!

    Very cool!!

  12. Hi Hide-san,

    Yeah! That's the one!

    Remember?! I added the memory. haha


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