Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ibook G3 M6411

See what this is...

I bought this ibook when I was a student. Almost 10 years ago! After 6 years, I started it up to use Photoshop... and was still doing fine! Without Internet connection, it seems not at all out date. haha.

This year, because we had a wedding, I made my original Christmas card (for friends overseas) and New Year's card (for friends in Japan) :D To save time, I bought ready-made photo frames but I wasn't 100% satisfied with the designs, so I edited them with Photoshop. I will show you the cards on the days :)

Back to ibook, it has a cute handle. At that time, it was cool if you carry it like a bag... but what if I do that now... People will think I'm crazy!!! I believe some of my blog buddies even don't know what the heck is this style. haha!

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