Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ear Muffs

I bought new ear muffs (thanks for those who taught me it is not ear warmers)! I always wear hoodie when I feel cold, but since I don't want to mess up my hair, I decided to get one ;)

Oh, anyway, I am testing my darling for a while but it seems like he doesn't care having a pile of paper tubes (currently five!!!) in our restroom... If it comes to this, I would wait for him to throw them away!

Tomorrow, I am taking a day off from work. Sometimes nice to refresh. hehe.

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  1. Enjoy your day off tomorrow, you deserve a break I think!
    Oh! I always do this type of thing to test Yoshi, but I always end up being disappointed... when I wash his clothes, I take all the receipts out of the pockets and put them on his desk... now there is a HUGE pile, and he doesn`t seem to notice. Just looking at the pile makes me angry, so I had better clean it up soon :)

  2. cute ear muffs! i've always wanted 1... hehe. melbourne's winter is nowhere as cold as japan's and i think i look weird with caps, beanies, & earmuffs *sobbbbs* maybe if i grow my hair longer, i'd look more kawaii!? *smiles*

    i see u're wearing ur puma jacket? lovely colour under the sun & doesnt look as bright as in the picture u've uploaded frm before. good choice :)

    paper tubes? u mean that tube that is left after u've finished using the toilet paper? haha, bf always clears them away immediately! i sometimes like to leave them in the bathroom to irritate him. (p.s. because he's a neat & clean freak, he likes all things neat & tidy. his room is even tidier than mine! and he definitely doesnt like to c empty toilet paper tubes sitting pretty in the bathroom. hehe) naughty me.

    love, mica

  3. thanks hun for that lovely comment abt our christmas tree :) we bought a few more x'mas tree decor pieces yesterday, will upload some snapshots soon :)

    n abt that closeup pic of the fibre optic light, i used Photoscape to add cinematic effect to the photo :) u can google "Photoscape" & d/l it for free. it's not as multi-functioned as Photoshop (i've not used photoshop), but i think it's more than sufficient!

    love, mica

  4. Your ear warmers match your boots!! We call them ear muffs here. You may wait a long time for yur honey to throw away tubes. Men don't care about such things, I went as far as to make signs and it still didn't work! :)

  5. Hi fran,

    >deserve a break
    You think so?! Thanks! I was kind of feeling guilty a little bit. hehe. I had a good day off :D

    >he doesn't seem to notice
    That's the same for my darling X( But you know what!? Yesterday, I found those paper tubes lined up neatly on the floor... I don't know why he did that instead of throwing them away... will see what's next!

    >looking at the pile makes me angry
    Totally agree with you!!! haha

  6. Hi mica,

    I wish we have warmer weather here, too... It is nothing happy to wear a lot in winter since our trains are packed every morning X(

    Thanks for realizing my jacket :D

    Your bf is well-organized!!! Does he tell you to clean up?! I wish my darling can see a garbage... He really can't see it...

  7. Hi mica again,

    You edited your pic afterwards?!
    Very interesting! I will try it later :D

  8. Hi jo,

    Yes! I just realized it is called ear muffs! Thanks!!!

    Oh really... I can't tolerate seeing balled-up garbage on the floor, but regarding paper tubes, I will try to observe him with an open mind... yes...

  9. yupp i edited that pic to add some effect, cos without the effect, the lights dont stand out that much! :)

    haha nope he doesnt complain and doesnt tell me to clean up. he does all the cleaning by himself, cos he is really particular abt cleanliness. me too actually, esp the toilet!! must be super clean. i leave those empty tubes only occasionally, to irritate him. hehe... but he doesnt get irritated. mission failed >_<

    love, mica

  10. Hi mica,

    Yes! The lights stand out fantastic!!!

    Your bf is a great guy! Sometimes neat person tend to get naggy about others, but how gentle :)

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