Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet And Sour Potato Pork Roll

This is my award winning recipe from Delcy's frozen vegetable contest.

I rolled up frozen potato wedges with slices of pork. Oyster sauce and black vinegar seasonings give Chinese style sweet and sour taste!

It of course goes great with white rice :)

Sweet And Sour Potato Pork Roll

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10min
Number of servings: 12 pieces

12 thin slices of spare rib pork (any portion of sliced pork is okay)
12 frozen potato wedges
salt and cracked black pepper
* 1 tbsp. soy sauce
* 1 tbsp. oyster sauce
* 2 tbsp. black vinegar
* 2 tsp. sugar
1/2 tbsp. sesame oil
thinly (lengthwise) sliced leek
red pepper threads

1. Work with one slice of pork at a time. Place the slice of pork so that the length of it is running flat and vertically towards you. Sprinkle a bit of salt, cracked black pepper and flour onto one side and place the frozen potato wedge on the end of the pork close to you and start rolling. Repeat with the remaining pork slices and frozen potato wedges.
2. Heat sesame oil in a frying pan, place the rolls seam side down, make sure to flip the rolls so that all sides are cooked equally crisp and brown.
3. Add A and stir-fry until the seasonings blend.
4. Serve on a plate with thinly (lengthwise) sliced leek and red pepper threads on top.

My original recipe in Japanese is HERE.

Today I forgot to bring my iPhone with me because I changed my morning routine... you know what I mean X( On such a day, I have a plan to see my friends...! Damn!!!

Have a good weekend!!!

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  1. Ochi,

    I really like this recipes.Never know that potato wedges can match with pork.

    You must be anxious since no phone by your side.Sometimes I did forget too,I always U-turn again for my phone,and it make me superb late.I don't feel safe without phone.

    Happy Friday.

  2. o yayy dear, u've translated this dish to english! yummm :) i love to use frozen potato gems and do a stir-fry with pork, tastes superb! love love LOVE potato gems...

    have u any christmas recipes? cookies? main meals? it'd be good to upload some, since it's christmas period! and it'd b nice to noe how u celebrate christmas in japan too =)

    love, mica

  3. Looks yummy! hahah the sweet and sour reminds me of the sweet and sour pork at my parents restaurant! lol

    Oh I hate it when that happens! When you forget your phone and that just HAS to be the day you're going out with friends, that happened to me before and I started to panic lol! We also don't have a lot of payphones here so it's hard to use one =(

    I want to try the Esprique one now since you say it's good! But it's so hard to get here in vancouver boo but I will try!

    My bf is one year older than me =P That makes him 22yrs lol He's very good to me and sometimes I feel like I bully him too much hahahaahha are you like that with your hunni too?

  4. This sounds great! I'm def gonna have to try this.... I also hate it when I forget my phone and I do always turn around and get it even if it's gonna make me late! lol

  5. Hi jose,

    I know! I should have U-turned X( But somehow, I really didn't want to be late, so I gave it up...

    Also, I thought I can use Internet at work... but yes... it was pretty inconvenient while waiting for or taking trains X(

  6. Hi mica,

    Yes!!! Potato gems are yummy!

    I don't have that many Christmas recipes, but I will search one that I can translate before the event!

    Good question! Now in Japan, we tend to celebrate Christmas at home! Least expensive but could have delicious food away from crowds :) However, every year, I am lazy to prepare, so we go dinner at a local restaurant... Maybe next year at new home?! hehe

  7. Hi suki pooki,

    Your parents run a restaurant?! Nice :) What kind of food do they serve?!

    Only 22 years?! How gentle!!! You should be proud to find him ;)

    Yes, I bully my darling a lot (in other words, I become really selfish...) X(

  8. Hi JEM Artistry,

    Thanks for stopping by. You are right!!! I should have gone back and get my phone, since it made my day spoiled X(

  9. i think my fiance will love this!


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