Friday, December 24, 2010


I don't usually ask my darling what he wants for Christmas because he always doesn't have any definite idea, but this year, I asked him and he said he wants gloves which enable touch panel operation.

What?! Can that be possible?!

I searched google and found the gloves called EVOLG (made in Japan), which enable such!!

As seen in picture, you can use smart phones (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Xperia, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, KDDI IS, etc...) while wearing EVOLG. EVOLG is made of special fiber, acrylic, and wool. They come in many colors. Cool!!!

Yesterday was a holiday, so my darling and I spent a whole day printing out our New Year's cards! To save time, we ordered our favorite home-delivered Kamameshi from Kamatora (only 10 bucks each!) for brunch. That's why I am wearing pajamas :P

When we finished our cards, it was already 8PM, so we decided to eat out. How perverse of me, I had oden (which is a Japanese winter dish consisting of several ingredients in a light soy-flavoured dashi broth) at Katsukura (tonkatsu restaurant). hahaha. Anyway, I wanted to eat oden :) BTW, I found newly opened Afternoon Tea near home. They have many cute kitchen stuff. Yay!

Happy Christmas ;D

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