Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scallop Roses

This is my award winning recipe from Quick Scallop Recipe Contest held in Hokkaido on 11/4.

10 winners were selected out of 372 entries nationwide.

My recipe is real easy. It just requires 3 minutes to prepare! Very cute and gorgeous idea for your party appetizer!

Scallop Roses

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 3min
Number of servings: 4 pieces

4 jumbo sea scallops
12 thinly sliced prosciutto
Taberu La-Yu (Edible La-Yu)

1. Wrap each scallop with 3 slices of prosciutto, like a rose.
2. Top scallops with Taberu La-Yu.

My original recipe in Japanese is here.

As I wrote before, Taberu La-Yu stormed Japan in 2010!!! Sorry if it is not available around you, but this item is really tasty and versatile. Must try out!!!

See you again :D

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  1. Ochi, looked like real roses and it is cute!!

    You're a creative chef.

  2. Hi jose,

    Thanks! I saw your risotto! Another try?! Will check out later!!!

  3. Wow that's amazing that you created this dish! It feels like something I would see and eat at a nice five-star, high end, restaurant that would cost me a lot of money hahahaha!

    I agree that down coats are sooo much warmer! My bf wears one but I usually just wear the wool ones =P haha thanks for the sweet comment on my tree! Oh all those presents aren't for me but for my boyfriends family! lol I just didn't have time to give it to them yet =P I hope you get a tree next year! It really brings some Christmas spirit into the home~

  4. Hi suki pooki!

    Thanks for your compliment. Makes me happy :D hehe!

    Yep! Down coats are warm, and I first wore it because of my darling! He wores it and once I borrowed, it was really warm and I thought I should better get one. haha!!!

    Yes. I hope I can show you my tree next year. Now I don't have enough space to put it up X(

  5. i seriously do hope i can find some of that taberu la-yu! sounds yummy, chilli-infused sesame oil... love sesame oil, makes the food smell so so good doesnt it?

    those scallop roses look so pretty! honey u're really creative!!! i get alot of inspiration frm u. i've always been interested in food art and food presentation, and u do it really well :)

    love, mica

  6. Hi mica,

    Yes! Sesame oil makes food smell and taste good!!! You would love taberu la-yu, then ;) BTW, eating tomato with salt and sesame oil is my favorite!!!

    Oh, thanks for liking my recipe! I'm glad to know it gave you an idea :D


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