Friday, January 21, 2011

Bite-Size Jap Style Tonkatsu

New recipe is up today!

I rolled up a slice of pork with bacon and Japanese flavors: shiso leaf (Japanese basil) and umeboshi paste (pickled plum paste)! Actually, this tonkatsu has a pronounced flavor without any sauce (unlike the image).

Needless to say, it goes well with white rice. Perfect for bento meal :D

Bite-Size Jap Style Tonkatsu

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15min
Number of servings: 6 pieces

6 thinly sliced pork
6 half-size bacon
2 umeboshi (pickled plums)
3 shiso leaf (Japanese basil)
* flour
* beaten egg
* Panko (bread crumbs)
vegetable oil for frying
grape tomatoes if available

1. Work with one slice of pork at a time. Place the slice of pork so that the length of it is running flat and vertically towards you. Place the half-size bacon and shiso leaf (cut in half) on top of the pork and spread umeboshi (remove the umeboshi seeds and mash) onto one side start rolling. Repeat with the remaining pork slices.

2. Flour the rolls, dip in beaten egg, then roll in panko. Fry them in oil at 180C (356F) until cooked golden brown.

My original recipe in Japanese is here.

This week, we had our condo rooms torn down. I can't wait to see the contractor to discuss about the flooring!

Fingers crossed!!!

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