Thursday, January 20, 2011


For our next trip overseas, I wish to visit 台湾 (Taiwan)! Day before yesterday I had a dinner with my ex-coworker and she showed me some pics taken at a photo studio in 台北 (Taipei) and were amazing!!! It is called 変身写真. You can be like a different person! Cute, glam, cool, etc...! For instance, you can be transformed into a doll (princess) with gorgeous background!!! And they are done at a low price!!!

The above pic is from my wedding dress-up. I edited it with PhotoFunia. 変身写真 looks something like this but is much more gorgeous!

I know there are many studios there. If anyone knows a good photo studio in Taiwan, please give me an advice :D

Also, I heard food in Taiwan is pretty good. Any good place to eat is welcome!!!

Not knowing when to go, though. lol

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