Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Your Passion?

Lately, I found this question on Kym's post with an awesome quote.

"Passion is a pre-requisite. Without passion, you won't be successful. But you can't be stupidly passionate, you have to do your homework"

Needless to say, I have a passion for cooking.
Currently for our new home, and last year for our wedding, too! And at any time, I have a passion for my darling! Some of you know that I had a hard time before the engagement. haha. Also, the gym and the hula dancing!

I always believe, my passion will bring me the chance to attain the ideal. In other words, even if things are not going well as planned, they result BETTER if I try hard!

That's why, I am mostly passionate about everything around me. (I try not to be stupid, of course...)

BTW, some people ask me why I don't turn my cooking into a career. Answer is easy. I want to be passionate about it freely (from my viewpoint)! I think it'll be my hobby for a while longer.

What's Your Passion?

Please click below and vote for me.


  1. awww i'm so happy my blog post inspired you! keep up the good work with your cooking - i totally get what you mean about keeping your passion under your own terms - maybe you could start doing YouTube videos of your cooking and share your recipes online as well? That way, it's under your terms, you cook what you want, when you want and it has potential to earn you money too! :) Keep it up!!!

  2. wow kym! you are amazing that you know me well ;) hehe

    always thanks for sharing your idea on your posts!!!

  3. hehe great minds think alike right? you don't even have to speak in English - why don't you make japanese videos first and cater to people in your country? Then spread out from there.. and by the way, i'm not sure how your spoken english is but your written english is pretty darn good! :D

  4. wow yes! i will keep that (japanese) in my mind!!! it is much easier for me, to be sure!!!

    sometimes i forget something really obvious, so thanks for your advice!!!

  5. if you ever need help, let me know. im always happy to help :)

  6. thanks kym!!! i'm always looking forward to reading your posts!!!

  7. my passion would be cooking/baking and photography. but like you i'd like to keep it as a hobby. if i do it as a job, i might end up hating it or disliking it due to conformity.

  8. Ochi,

    My passion is shopping.Beside shopping,I like cooking & DIY some easy stuffs.

    My hobby change dramatically.So,I don't really tell anyone about my hobby.This minute I love sewing,the other minutes I hate them..


  9. Hi grub,

    >due to conformity

    Self-satisfaction is important ;)

  10. Hi jose,

    Isn't your passion the makeup as well?! hehe

    I know you always try out many things, which is cool!!!
    I can't do that many stuff at once X(


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