Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's Your Passion?

Lately, I found this question on Kym's post with an awesome quote.

"Passion is a pre-requisite. Without passion, you won't be successful. But you can't be stupidly passionate, you have to do your homework"

Needless to say, I have a passion for cooking.
Currently for our new home, and last year for our wedding, too! And at any time, I have a passion for my darling! Some of you know that I had a hard time before the engagement. haha. Also, the gym and the hula dancing!

I always believe, my passion will bring me the chance to attain the ideal. In other words, even if things are not going well as planned, they result BETTER if I try hard!

That's why, I am mostly passionate about everything around me. (I try not to be stupid, of course...)

BTW, some people ask me why I don't turn my cooking into a career. Answer is easy. I want to be passionate about it freely (from my viewpoint)! I think it'll be my hobby for a while longer.

What's Your Passion?

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