Wednesday, January 12, 2011

断捨離 (danshari)

断捨離 (danshari) means to throw away unnecessary stuff. It's one of the keywords of the recent years in Japan.

"断" (dan) - to cut out unnecessary stuff. ex) receipts, shopping bags, coupons, etc...
"捨" (sha) - to throw away junk. ex) clothes, books, toys, etc...
"離" (ri) - to step away from your obsessions. ex) souvenirs, anniversary gifts, etc...

The idea is, if you throw away unnecessary stuff around you, you'll get more room, time and energy around you that lead you to an affluent (comfortable) life.

I totally understand this! I keep things for "just in case" and mostly never use them or get a new one since I can't find them right away or they aren't the exact things I need. Now I keep so many things after 6 years living in one place with my darling and get frustrated to see them all around me, which is really funny.

So, before the removal (in March), I decided to eliminate the junk that clogs up my life!!!

Not to become hopelessly lost, I gave myself a time limit and started to throw away things from last week. I already filled more than 15 garbage bags so far...

However, I couldn't throw away some of them without taking pictures X(

Sylvanian Families were my favorite toy, but of course, I don't play with them now, so I said goodbye X(

From left to right, top to bottom: I don't listen to cassette tape any more... I don't play Tetris... My commuter tickets in NY... Missanga which I made when I was a teenager... I'm sure I can't wear all those earrings at once... I threw out most of my art stuff including my drawings and paintings... and more and more...

Oh boy... I found unbelievably old soy sauce in the fridge which expired in 2006...

Tomorrow, we are going to receive the key for our new home. We will take some pictures of the place this weekend before the renovation starts on Monday. I hope we can start our new life with more room and time!

I will keep on doing 断捨離 (danshari) because it is the way to live smart!

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  1. Ochi,

    Sylvanian Families are cute!! They are still so new..and wow,you have lot of earrings.

    Maybe you can donate some of your things to orphanage?Just an opinion.

  2. haha i also need to start danshari myself! i have too much things...

    instead of throwing them out, you could donate them at recycle centres since the things look quite new.

  3. Hi jose,

    I didn't donate my earrings, but some of my stuff to my sister's workplace. Speaking of Sylvanian Families, they look new in the photo but they are covered with dust X( I don't think anyone wants it...

  4. Hi grub,

    Even I try danshari, I keep things out from my garbage X( I think I need to get used to it!!!

    They look new in photos but actually not... I gave some of my stuff to my sister's workplace but not all... and I forgot to take pics of the most I donated since I'm not throwing them away... oh boy... Anyway, my darling says me that I won't even look back those pictures... yeah... that might be true.

  5. ahhahahhahahaha I like the soya sauce part! I have some REALLY old food in my fridge too that no one wants to clean out so poor mommy has to and then she will shout while she is cleaning "what a waste" hee hee

    OMG Sylvanian bunnies!!!! I LOVE those, I never got those when I was younger (just barbie) so I love them now that Im older but Im surprised at how pricey they are! Maybe Im just cheap? hahaha but I love toys, if they have sentimental feeling I sometimes keep them....actually I have a huge garbage bag of stuffed animals downstairs that I don't wanna throw away ><

    hahahah I wish my hunni was rich too, then we could travel the world, donate money to the less fortunate, and my parents could retire =P

    wow 10yrs is a long time! Do you miss disney? Maybe your hunni will take you back hee hee

  6. I really like this post! I'm trying to do "danshiri" at the moment too, before I move back to England. Over three years in Japan I have gathered so much stuff!! When I get home I have to do "danshiri" with my old childhood stuff too! >_<

  7. Hi suki!

    I know! It took me a long time to get the Sylvanian Families! haha

    Yes Yes Yes!!! I loved the barbie, but I could never get what I want X( For example, I really wanted to have a house but my mom did not buy me, so I remember I made a house in my closet. I should have taken the pic of it since it was really cool for me at that age. hehe

    Same for me! Those toys are still expensive to collect!!!

    So, you are leaving on Monday! Have a safe and fun trip ;)

  8. Hi haikugirl!!!

    Is that you in maiko makeup?! Cool!!!

    I have to level up my danshari, since I still keep things out from my garbage X( haha

    Good luck ;)


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