Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Luck Longevity Noodle

Aji no Mingei (味の民芸) is well known as a handmade udon restaurant. My darling and I go there once in a while because all their menus are big, inexpensive, and delicious!

Last year, I had a "Good Luck Shrimp Tempura Udon" and was pretty good, so I was going to have the same one again, but this year, I found a new menu called "Good Luck Longevity Noodle (「開運」長寿麺)". As you can see in the pic, noodles are in attractive green (made of spinach). The soup is light and it has a lot of stir-fried vegetables on top! It tastes like a non-fatty ramen :)

I read on the menu that it is a festive food eaten in China. Is that true?! Anyway, a lot of vegetables made me happy :)

Last year, we played garapon drawing. This year, they again gave us tickets for New Year's drawing. I remember the prizes were not that attractive, but we gonna go there again because we wouldn't go there after the removal.

Changing my story, there was a hula class on Monday (holiday) morning. I always think I have slow reflexes... because I make a lot of mistakes while others don't... Well, I hope I can improve that someday.

Anyways, I cut my hair too short... which I regret recently X(

Bye for now!

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  1. Ochi,

    I knew Longevity Noodles.Chinese eat this noodles on special occassion too,for example Chinese New Year.But FooChow (Chinese too,but speak differently) eat this noodles with chicken soup.

    I guess you start confusing? I'm not sure but once my mum cook I will snap a photo for you


  2. when i studied this in Chinese class, Chinese people (especially elders) eat longevity noodles on birthdays as a symbol of longevity.

    non fatty ramen sounds healthy! and spinach noodles are delicious :)

    thank you for the comment on my blog, i hope you can come to Victoria one day to enjoy the scenery. by the way i use a Nikon D5000.

  3. Hi jose,

    I searched Foo Chow! Looks similar!

    Yes! I wish to see the real one!!! Thanks!!!

  4. Hi grub,

    Oh, for elders?! That's interesting!!!

    Last night, I searched D5000 after I saw your comment!!! Now it is discontinued but found the new D7000! I've never used Nikon's camera, but maybe someday. I now use olympus but I somehow don't like their RED color.

  5. o wow discontinued already?! i haven't heard any news of the new Nikon D7000 (Japan must get them earlier!) but i heard the new DSLR entry model (D3100) is pretty good.

    i had a look at it and it's smaller and way lighter than my D5000. the functions are way better too! if you have time please check this one out too :)

  6. Hi grub!

    I will definitely check out D3100!!!

    Now there are so many small and light ones... I feel mine is really heavy after 5 years X(


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